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Marshall County Superior Court 2 Judge injured at a baseball game.

June 12, 2011

The Honorable Marshall County Superior Court 2 Judge, Dean Colvin was injured Friday night in Logansport during an American League Post 27 ballgame.  Colvin also serves as General Manager of the American Legion Post 27 ballclub in Plymouth.  The incident occured when a line drive struck the facial area of  Mr. Colvin.

It was reported that this incident happened so quickly that Mr. Colvin had little time to react.  The line drive knocked down Coach Colvin instantly, where he managed to get up almost immediately but was quickly advised he sit down and receive medical attention.  Fortunately, an EMT and a Doctor were on hand to aid Mr. Colvin.

Colvin was transported to Logansport Hospital, then transferred to Ft. Wayne Parkview Hospital due to his facial injury.  Medical personnel advised he suffered fractures near his eye socket, and nose due to the impact of  that line drive.

Mr. Colvin returned to the comforts of his home on Sunday afternoon for complete rest.

Colvin has served as General Manager for American Legion Post 27 Baseball since its inception 11 years ago.  Due to his incredible hard work and efforts, Post 27 baseball remains one of the top programs in the Midwest.  American Legion Post 27 will continue their season with a game on Monday night at 8PM.   You can hear the ballgame LIVE on WTCA and

It is not known who will replace Judge Colvin on the Superior Court 2 bench on Monday.