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Marshall County’s Unemployment Rate Drops to 10.6

March 25, 2011

03/28/11 Indiana’s preliminary seasonally-adjusted unemployment rate dropped 0.3 percent, to 8.8 percent in February. This marks the first time since December 2008 the state’s unemployment rate has been less than 9 percent. Indiana’s rate is now just below the national average of 8.9 percent and below that of all neighboring states. Private sector employment in Indiana declined in February, (-1,600). 

“The number of Hoosiers claiming state unemployment insurance benefits is less than half the number it was two years ago,” said Mark W. Everson, Commissioner of the Department of Workforce Development. “Moreover, new claims for unemployment insurance are now at a level not seen since 2006.”

Taking a look at Marshall County you’ll find good news.  For the first time in months the unemployment rate dropped.  In January the county was ranked 26th with a rate of 11.1.  The February unemployment rate dropped to 10.6 ranking Marshall County 31st in the state.  (Previous rates: Oct. 10.0, Nov. 10.4, Dec. 10.5)

Counties surrounding Marshall County show Starke County ranked 8th with a rate of 12.2, Elkhart’s ranking dropped to 15th with a rate of 11.6, followed by LaPorte at 22nd with a rate of 11.2, Fulton County is 36th with a rate of 10.3, while Saint Joseph is 42nd with a rate of 10.1 and Kosciusko with a ranking of 68th and a rate of 8.7.     

Sectors showing significant employment gains in February include: Private Education and Health Services (1,300) and Construction (1,200). Sectors showing significant declines are Trade, Transportation and Utilities (-3,200) and Government (-6,300). Total non-farm employment decreased (-7,900) in February.

Midwest Employment Picture

Indiana 10.7% 9.1% 8.8% -0.3%
U.S. 9.7% 9.0% 8.9% -0.1%
Illinois 11.1% 9.0% 8.9% -0.1%
Kentucky 10.9% 10.4% 10.4% n/c
Michigan 13.5% 10.7% 10.4% -0.3%
Ohio 10.6% 9.3% 9.2% -0.1%

One Response to “ Marshall County’s Unemployment Rate Drops to 10.6 ”

  1. CommonCents on March 25, 2011 at 5:37 pm

    The startling part of this story is that PRIVATE SECTOR EMPLOYMENT FELL BY 1,600 jobs!! Now, if the number of jobs declined, how can that be a “good” thing? The fact that Indiana’s unemployment rate (and likely Marshall County’s rate) dropped simply meant that there were a lot of people dropping out of the numbers used to calculate the rate. (The so called 99ers.) People that have exhausted their 99 weeks of unemployment are simply no longer counted. So, I guess if you don’t count them, and you don’t care that 1,600 more people lost their jobs, then, HEY! happy days are here again.