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Mayor Senter to Run for Re-election

January 23, 2011

01/24/11 Thursday morning during the Marshall County Republican Breakfast Mayor Mark Senter made his official announcement on re-election and said, “I want to formally announce that I will be seeking a second term as your mayor!”

During his speech said that his father had been active in Speedway, IN and said, “He is my inspiration.” He also thanked his wife Leanne for her support along with City Attorney Nelson Chipman, Clerk Treasurer Toni Hutchings, the City Council, his dedicated department heads and employees. Mayor Senter said, “I especially want to thank the Citizens of Plymouth for being patient during a time of economic peril and change.”

He said, “I’m going to start out by telling you that I absolutely love this job. When looking at the possibility of re-election Mark said, “I want to focus on the future.  The Mayor’s Youth Council is the future like you cannot imagine.  These kids will have a burden on them like no other generation, yet they are prepared to take on the world, or at least, right now, The City!  I have given them projects and they are ready, willing and able to meet the challenge with an unwavering spirit!  Promoting recycling…a city-wide yard sale and the naming of the downtown park, just to name a few.”

The Mayor spoke of a new committee he created last year; the Downtown Revitalization Committee was formed to meld the Park Board, Redevelopment Commission and Plymouth Industrial Development Corporation to look at the renaissance of our downtown area.  He said, “Our downtown is beautiful and people from out-of-town tell me that all the time.  I want to convince some of our own nay-sayers, who think that the grass is always greener, that we do have a pretty nice thing going here, but things can always be improved!”

Mayor Mark talked about the reinstitution of the Main Street Program, the 18 meeting focusing on the meth issue, and the establishment of the MAD Unit in an effort to work on the meth problems in the county.  Also on his agenda are the new Downtown Park and another FEMA grant round to purchase additional properties in the flood plain.

The city is working with the Marshall County Economic Development Corporation getting to know the industries in the city and ways to keep and create jobs for the citizens.  He is working with the Chamber of Commerce on the Wheel of Progress Program.

Mayor Senter closed by saying, “I compare everything that I do now to what I did for 28 years.  It is very different than law enforcement, but at the same time it is very similar!  When I graduated from Indiana State Police Recruit School the speaker spoke of two things:  There is always some place you have never been in your community and there is always someone that you have not met yet!  That has always stuck with me…my goal is to make an impact on the City of Plymouth as a whole:  one person, place and thing at a time!”

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