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Miller’s Residents Learn Benefits of Herb Garden

May 11, 2011

05/12/11 Marianne Peters of Plymouth visited Miller’s Senior Living Community last week to discuss herbs and spices with the residents.  Peters, known for her weekly “living green” column for the newspaper and monthly radio program shared her knowledge about growing and the uses of different herb.  She brought many samples of herbs she grows in her yard.  She also showed a small, indoor herb garden she plants and uses in her kitchen all year long.  Having the herbs indoors helps her avoid running to the garden in bad weather. 

Peters explained the benefits of an herb garden are more than simply having fresh herbs to use.  Gardening is also a wonderful way to relieve stress and enjoy quiet time alone with God and nature.  The scents and textures of the different plants are an extreme sensory experience that she urges all to enjoy.   Peters said she learned most of what she knows about herbs from her mother’s teaching but she also refers to helpful books she has found at the local library. 

Because of her inspiring demonstration the residents of Millers have decided to plant and herb and vegetable garden and will be enjoying fresh-from-the-garden herbs and veggies this summer.  Planting begins this week.

Photo:  Gardener Marianne Peters shows her indoor herb garden as Katie Kaminski breathes in the aromatic scents of the different herbs.