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Miller’s Volunteer Shares Collection

June 19, 2011

06/20/11 Makayla Wilson, eight year old great-granddaughter of Edythe Wilson recently shared a unique program with residents of Miller’s Senior Living Community.  Makayla collects rubber ducks. She began collecting them at the age of four.  At present she has 243 rubber ducks of all sizes, colors and themes.

Makayla is a volunteer at Miller’s along with her older sister, Autumn and their mother.  One day while talking with Miller’s Activity Director Cindy Flagg she mentioned her collection and said she would be willing to bring the rubber ducks to the facility talk about them.

With all her ducks sitting on two banquet tables Makayla told the history of rubber ducks stating that no one knows for sure the exact date when rubber ducks were created but it is believed to be in the early 1800’s.  The first rubber ducks were made of hard plastic and did not have a squeak.  She also explained that a traditional rubber duck is yellow but today the collectables come in all colors.  The Guinness World Record for the most rubber ducks is 2,587.  Makayla drew laughter when she quipped, “I only have 2,325 more to go!”

After detailing the history of the rubber duck Makayla told about receiving her first rubber duck from her grandmother.  It is a blue Lady Liberty duck.  After that she was hooked and started looking for rubber ducks everywhere.  She evens asks friends and relatives to bring her rubber ducks as souvenirs when they go on trips.  During her presentation Makayla held up two small ducks that her principal gave her for high achievement in the second grade. But her favorite rubber duck (at the moment) is her mad scientist duck.

Following her presentation Flagg surprised Makayla with three new rubber ducks to add to her collection.  Those present then took time to look closer at the collection.  They enjoyed talking with Makayla and learning the different stories of the individual rubber ducks.

Makayla is the daughter of Rick and Tracy Wilson of Culver.  She is a Girl Scout and a third grader at Menominee Elementary School in Plymouth.

Photo: Makayla Wilson shows off her Lady Liberty rubber duck to Miller’s resident Iris Jenney.         Makayla Wilson answers questions from Miller’s resident Katie Kaminski about her rubber duck collection. Makayla’s sister, Autumn is by her side.