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Police Dept. Transfers Funds from Personnel to Replace 1 of 3 Squad Cars Totaled

August 9, 2011

08/10/11 A resolution providing the transfer of an appropriation in the General Fund of the City for the Police department was passed unanimously by Council members, the matter did not go without some discussion.

Monday night a transfer of $13,497 was allowed from the Police Department personnel services line item to capital outlay. Plymouth Clerk-Treasurer Toni Hutchings said the transfer will keep the line item out of the “red”.

The monies will be used towards the purchase of a replacement police vehicle.

Mayor Mark Senter said “We totaled three cares in three weeks.” Insurance payments for the totaled vehicles ranged from $10,000 to $19,000 according to Hutchings.

Hutchings said, “There are only a few times in a year when you can get police cars.” She added, “We are probably very fortunate that we have cars.”

Audience member Ryan Ripley asked how the process could be completed without the usual bidding process. Hutchings said the process uses quotes and referred to the situation as an emergency.

The new police cars will be Dodges that were located in the Chicago area through a local dealership. One of the three totaled was also a Dodge vehicle.

Hutchings explained that they used quotes that were presented earlier this year.

Assistant Police Chief David Bacon said they would transfer whatever equipment they could from the totaled vehicles.

In other business, local resident Ronald May appeared before the Board of Public Works and Safety to request that penalty and interest fees that had been added to his utility bills be lifted. May contended that he did not receive a bill in May and then received a late notice with the charges. May said, “My bill may be at my neighbor’s house, in the landfill, or in the post office.” He reiterated, “I’ve never received a bill.”

Although it was not clear from his comments when he made payment, May said he took the average of six months of billing and paid $75.

Board member Mike Delp noted that things get lost in the mail and then made a motion to remove the added fees of $9.16.

Hutchings said, “This (added fees) is by ordinance. This is the first time we’ve ever waived a fee.”

Mark Neidig, board member, said, “I don’t think Mr. May would be come here to waste our time or his if he received a bill.”

In the end the vote was 3-2 in favor of May‘s request. Mayor Mark Senter and board member Don Gardner cast the two no votes.

Carol Anders Correspondent


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