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Park Board Reviews Concepts for RIver Park Square

November 13, 2011

11/14/11 Last week, member of the Plymouth Park Department saw the results of their Top 5 Features for the new downtown park.  Mike Reese from the Troyer Group presented two concepts and detailed the various features.

Concept one includes and entry plaza that would serve as a focal point at the southeast corner of Garro and Water Streets.  An interactive water feature would allow children and adults to ability to interact with the water while providing a diverse array of spray patterns.  The area would be surrounded with seating.  The Farmers’ Market would be moved to Water Street and be used for additional parking on days other than Saturday.

Concept one includes a flexible outdoor performance space that would serve as a key feature near the current location of LaPorte and River Streets.  During warmer months this space could host concerts, craft shows, and table seating for special events.  In the winter this paves space would be transformed into a skating rink and would be near the Christmas Tree Plaza.

Concept One includes formal gardens and the community gardens between the Garro Street Bridge and the Footbridge in the center of the eastern area.  The streetscape on Garro would be redesigned to serve as a westbound entry experience into historic downtown Plymouth. It would have angle parking, lighting, pedestrian walks, and tree plantings.

Concept two   features a main entry into the park at the corner of Garro and Water with the Christmas Tree Plaza.  The concept does close off Water Street from Garro to LaPorte for the Farmers’ Market.  The northern portion of the market would have space for a temporary ice rink.  There is an interactive fountain plaza in the center of the park property.  If the water jets are not running, the space could be an open plaza that could host small events and gatherings.

The gardens in concept two would be designed to provide four season interest and could include a formal garden, wildflower garden, are and sculpture and art, donor gardens and small gathering areas.  This concept also could include a seating area near the Farmers’ Market that could be used for patrons to eat food purchased from vendors or during the week as a place to eat lunch.  This area would also serve as a secondary entrance to the park.

A similar streetscape is planned for Garro Street with angle parking, lighting, sidewalks, and tree planning.

The public will have an opportunity to review the two concepts during a public meeting on Wednesday, November 16th at the Webster Rec. Center.

Brent Martin and Mike Reese, landscape architect from Troyer Group will be the guests on Monday’s What’s Your Opinion Show at 9 a.m.

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