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Philip (P.J.) Hanley New Bourbon Town Council Member

March 22, 2011

03/23/11 Bourbon resident Philip (P.J.) Hanley will be attending his first meeting as a member of the Bourbon Town Council in April. Hanley was appointed last week to complete the term of the late Gary Collins. The term will end on December 1 of this year.

A special caucus on the matter was held by the Marshall County Republican Party at the Bourbon Town Hall.

Hanley, 38, said he grew up in Bourbon and has been concerned over the last ten years or more of the number of businesses that have left the community. Hanley is no stranger to the local commercial climate since he owns and operates his own business specializing in tool repair.

Hanley said, “The town has lost its business interest in itself.”

Hanley said, “I’m eager to accept the challenges and I’m ready to go.”

Also hoping to fill the vacant position were Angel Perkins and Terry Clemens.

Perkins was the editor of the Bourbon News Mirror for seven years and still contributes the majority of the local news for the publication. Additionally, she now serves as an Editorial Assistant for the Pilot News in Plymouth.

Perkins told caucus attendees that she believes she is well informed on the issues facing the community. She said, “I have been to nearly every Bourbon Town Council meeting for the last seven years.” Her spouse, Tim Perkins, was a member of the council previously and chose not to run for another term.

Also vying for the position was local businessman Terry Clemens. However, within 30 minutes of the scheduled start of the caucus, Clemens was informed that he was not eligible to hold an office. Clemens said the discrepancy came about when the matter of his residency within the town limits was challenged.

He said he was shocked upon hearing the decision. He said, I have voted in every election since coming to Bourbon. “ He came into the community in 1980.

Although a portion of his property does lie within the boundaries, the foundation of his home is outside of the town line; therefore, making him ineligible to hold a town office. Clemens, who is a registered Republican, said he had been asked to run for a council seat by several people over the years and he had felt this would be a something he could do for the town.”

Bourbon Town Council meetings are held on the second Tuesday of each month and are open to the public.

Carol Anders Correspondent