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PHS Speech & Debate Team Finish in Top at LaPorte

October 10, 2011

10/11/11 Members of the Plymouth High School Speech and Debate Team captured the top five placings at the first tournament of the year held in LaPorte on Saturday. Contestants were judged during the three hour debate by a panel of coaches and community members.

Although this particular tournament is referred to as a “practice” congress for novices, those students debating from a number of northern Indiana schools had been researching, writing and debating three topics for several weeks.

Placings for Plymouth were as follows:

Varsity Finishes
Senate A Results
Second place : Outstanding Presiding Officer – Rebecca Brumbaugh

Senate B Results
Outstanding Senator – Kelsey Shaffer
Outstanding Presiding Officer – Kelsey Shaffer

Senate C Results
Outstanding Senator – Michaila Nate

Novice Finishes
House of Representatives A
Outstanding Representative – Garrett Fox
2nd Place – Kylee Rippy
4th Place – Kirsten Pressler

House of Representatives B
Outstanding Representative – Hope Banghart
7th Place – Katie Hickman
9th Place – Sammi Davis

House of Representatives C
Outstanding Representative – Garrick Nate
2nd Place – Alyssa Swedersky
4th Place – Megan Sutton

Serving as Presiding Officers in the House of Representatives were Ashton Morrow and Christina Krozel.  Each received an honorary gavel for their service to the chamber.

Prior to the actual debate rounds, contestants discussed and voted on topics that will be debated starting in January of next year. Several of the prices of legislation written by Plymouth students were chosen.
In the category of Business/Economic, the number one bill chosen (A Bill to Establish a Required Minimum Wage for Outsourced Workers) was written by Michaila Nate and Jason Pickell.
The second bill (A Bill to Tax Businesses Serving Alcoholic Beverages) was submitted by Kelsey Shaffer and Ashton Morrow.

In the category of  Foreign/Foreign Policy,  the number one (A Resolution to Re-Establish Diplomatic Relations with the Islamic Republic ) was submitted by Rebecca Brumbaugh.
The third choice was also written by Brumbaugh. It is a resolution  that the U.S. Propose a U.N. Security Council Action to Pressure Republic of Yemen President Ali Abdullah Saleh to Leave Office.

Carol Anders Correspondent

Top Picture ( Team)
Row 1 (L-R) Kelsey Shaffer, Kirsten Pressler, Garrett Fox, Kylee Rippy, Christina Krozel
Row 2 (L-R) Michaila Nate, Hope Banghart, Katie Hickman, Alyssa Swedersky
Row 3 (L-R) Rebecca Brumbaugh, Ashton Morrow, Holly Sutton, Sammi Davis (hard to see), Garrick Nate (hard to see)

Middle Picture (Placers)
(L-R [not very good rows, so I'll just go across])
Kelsey Shaffer, Michaila Nate, Rebecca Brumbaugh, Ashton Morrow, Hope Banghart, Kirsten Pressler, Garrett Fox, Holly Sutton, Garrick Nate, Kylee Rippy, Alyssa Swedersky, Christina Krozel

Bottom Picture (Outstanding Senators and Representatives – won 5 of the 6 chambers at the tournament)
(L-R) Kelsey Shaffer, Michaila Nate, Hope Banghart, Garrett Fox, Garrick Nate