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Plymouth Native Returns

August 11, 2011

08/12/11 Stone Creek Homes is coming to Plymouth.

Plans are underway for Stone Creek Homes of Indiana to partner with Shamrock Homes of Plymouth to begin production immediately of Modular Code homes for several states, and Commercial structures for the Oil and Gas Industry out of the Shamrock Homes location in Plymouth, Indiana.

Dave Ferguson (PHS 1970) Co-Owner of Stone Creek Homes says that they were looking to expand their production capacity. “With our plant in Nebraska nearly at capacity, our need to expand was obvious. Our local representative, Jody Kriscunas, mentioned to me that the facilities and employees were available.  Cooperation from the local financial institution allowed us to pursue this opportunity.”

Ferguson fondly remembers his youth in Plymouth and his relationship with the Flynn’s, especially Pat Flynn, Sr. it was Flynn who offered Ferguson a chance to get in this industry and was very encouraging to the young man during his summer breaks from school.

In the early planning stages Plymouth Mayor Mark Senter was very encouraging. “The benefit to this area will be immediate and in this tough economy any job is important to the community’s future.  I think Dave Ferguson returning home after 41 years away is a great story and I look forward to working with Stone Creek.”

Ferguson stated. “We did our best to contact Shamrock employees to make certain they were aware of our intentions.” Ferguson also concluded, “Every human being that works for Stone Creek Homes is our single most valued asset.

Local organizations such as Habitat for Humanity and The Restore have benefited already. In making room for new product, all unused inventory was picked up and taken for others to put to good use.

Stone Creek Homes, who’s Mission Statement, reads: “Stone Creek Homes building communities and changing lives” is excited to be a part of the Plymouth community

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