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Plymouth School Board Extends Contracts for Administrators

June 29, 2011

06/30/11 The Plymouth School Board voted 5-0 to extend the contract of Superintendent Daniel Tyree. Additionally, they voted unanimously to extend three-year contracts to administrators. One year contracts were extended to all assistant administrators and the lone first-time principal. One–year contracts were also given to the Athletic Director and Guidance Department Director at Plymouth High School.

Carrie Cannon who is serving as a one-year curriculum intern also received a one-year contract.

The contracts do not allow for any increase in salary or benefits.

Board members Larry Pinkerton and Todd Samuelson praised the work and dedication the school’s administration staff. Pinkerton said, “We are very blessed to have a great bunch of administrators.” “I don’t know when we have had a more challenging time.” said, Samuelson.

The board heard a brief overview of the textbook fees for both Lincoln Junior High and Plymouth High School for the upcoming school year. Angie Mills said the average cost of textbooks currently for Lincoln Junior High is $148.00. She said that average will increase to $157.18 for the 2011-2012 school year. The fees do include payments made for the electronic curriculum. Each student at LJH is given a computer to use during the school year.

Speaking for Plymouth High School, Assistant Principal Andy Hartley said the rental payments for MAC computers that students at the high school level will receive are incorporated into the English textbook fees. He said, “It is hard to get an average since kids take some many different courses.”

He said fees were considered department by department. Hartley said, “There are decent to significant cuts in each department.”

Carol Anders Correspondent

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