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Plymouth School Board Updated on Building Maintenance

November 2, 2011

11/03/11 The Plymouth School Board heard a number of reports during their regular meeting on Tuesday night. Among those were Maintenance and Facilities, High Ability, and Title I.

Dave Schoof, maintenance director, reported that the staff of the department had responded and closed 1933 repair tickets for 2011. In 2009, that number was 1552 and in 2010, 1785. Schoof said, “We are also able to apply filters to the software that can track and identify facility needs.” The majority of the repair referrals were from Lincoln Junior High (465) andPlymouthHigh School(630).

Projects that were completed with QSCB (Qualified School Corporation Bond) included, but were not limited to: PHS roof restoration/replacement-32 sections; building automation control upgrade-80,000 square feet; carpet replacement-3 rooms; and installation of a new combi-oven and dishwasher.

At Lincoln Junior High they restored or replaced 21 sections of roof; renovated a classroom for special needs use; upgraded the IP telephone network; and upgraded 3 units of building automated controls.

All in all, 322,000 square feet of roofing was replaced corporation-wide.

The maintenance staff replaced 70 heat pumps atRiversideIntermediateSchool. Other work atRiversideincluded the installation of a new chemical treatment system, installation of a new cooling tower, replacement of 8 rooms of carpet, and replacement of 36 windows.

Other extensive work was done atJefferson,WashingtonandWebsterElementary Schools. Webster required a building automation control upgrade for the entire building. Schoof said, “It is now possible to schedule one area at a time and control air conditioning to just one room (according to need).”Schoof indicated that the utilities use at Webster has been down 25 percent since August with the upgrades.

Schoof said they moved the timing of the annual Fire Chief inspection to November 15 from the traditional time before school starts each year. Schoof said, “It is to confirm safe operating practices and familiarize the Fire Department with potential concerns in the event of an emergency.” Schoof said, “It should be noted that the Indiana State Fire Marshall inspection was completed two years ago and is done on a three-year basis. We were in full compliance in that inspection.”

Assistant Superintendent Rodger Smith said there is still over $300,000 in the QSCB fund that can be used for other projects.

Carol Anders Correspondent