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Police Investigate Marshall County Inmate’s Death

September 19, 2011

 09/20/11  The Marshall County Coroner’s Office is conducting a joint investigation along with the Indiana State Police and the Marshall County Police Department regarding the death earlier Monday morning of 35 year old  Georgina M. Onofre an inmate at the Marshall County Correctional Facility in Plymouth.   Onofre was in a special observation area due to her past medical history and was under constant surveillance by jail staff. The inmate became unresponsive around four Monday morning and jail staff immediately started recuscitation efforts.  Plymouth Paramedics transported Onofre to the Emergency Department  of St. Joseph Regional Medical Center in Plymouth where Onofre was pronounced dead upon arrival.

Marshall County Coroner Bill Cleavenger said an autopsy is scheduled for Tuesday afternoon  as is required any time an inmate dies while in custody. According to the Coroner, this morning’s event appears to be medically related  perhaps to her past medical history and that the inmate did not take her own life.  Onofre had been confined to the Marshall County Correctional Facility since early in September. Sherriff Tom Chamberlin and Cleavenger personally notified Onofre’s mother early this morning.

The Coroner’s Office is being assisted in the investigation by detectives and technicians from the Indiana State Police Post in Bremen.

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6 Responses to “ Police Investigate Marshall County Inmate’s Death ”

  1. Andrew on September 24, 2011 at 9:21 am


    I am sorry you are confused by what I thought was a pretty clear statement:

    “The point and purpose of a correctional facility is the DETAINMENT of the inmate, not necessary punishment by the alleged condition of the accommodations.”

    Detainment is punishment–loss of freedom — the due punishment for a crime.

    When I went into a youth correctional facility in the Chicago suburbs during my late college years for an “encounter weekend” put on by our campus ministry office, I was astounded by what they called food. The patent answer–that’s the punishment for their crime. Sorry–wrong answer– there were things in that food that an animal should not endure. Fortunately that place is now closed. Its a long way from Marshall County–but there is an adjacent county were horror stories abound–and that place is still functioning.

    So let me put the question back to you–as I am sure you are aware which facility I am referring to, which one would you rather do time in? After all if all things are equal and it is only time behind bars, it shouldn’t matter — should it??? The point is that there are many places where all things are not equal–and that is where diligence has to be placed so that the letter of the law is dispensed.

    As for time-outs, well that should be heavily metered on those folks in Washington. Its a great tool for children “Out of control”.

  2. AnnF on September 21, 2011 at 4:01 am

    Hell’s Bells, does the words “Correctional” not imply the decency of turning people to the right path of society’s welfare? Laws are made to protect society as a whole. The Supreme Court will decide if the right of an individual has been violated according to the laws of the land.

    Oh, as for the revolving door statement, I had neighbors that you could set your watch buy it. They disgusted me. She might might have been shackled due to the fact that she has been judged a violent criminal.

  3. AnnF on September 21, 2011 at 12:26 am


    I find your logic puzzling. If I were babysitting a six year old who had just fired a toy tractor at his little brother’s head, would the six year old’s 6 minute timeout be termed as a detainment or a punishment. I can pretty much tell you what the 6 year old would say.

  4. Andrew on September 20, 2011 at 5:08 am

    Dear Moderator– Please use this one! (correction in last paragraph)

    It seems that there are some definitions that need to be (re!)defined.

    The point and purpose of a correctional facility is the DETAINMENT of the inmate, not necessary punishment by the alleged condition of the accommodations.

    People who do Jail ministry (as I have done once or twice) do not necessarily have to be incarcerated to know how things are inside institutions. I regard that comment of ‘frankcastle’ to be somewhat below the belt, though I have no personal investment in this particular situation.

    I am confident that the right interests will be brought to bear on the conditions at the institution. Bear in mind the coroner is not a medical doctor–and in this case a proper and qualified pathologist as what was mentioned in the story will put light on the situation.

    I enjoy reading this forum very much, but the last comment in particular reminded me of an episode of the Rosanne Bar. Hopefully as time passes we will take our examples of behavior not from the television, but good and founded values that have stood the test of time. Rosanne only made it nine seasons, which pale in comparison.

  5. frankcastle on September 19, 2011 at 4:42 pm

    Dear kl360, It seems as though you have intimate knowledge of the jail and its staff. How many times have you been locked up? Or maybe these are just “stories” you hear from your friends that go in and out of that place like a revolving door. While it is a tragedy that someone died, jail is not supposed to be a pleasant experience. I am confident that a proper investigation is being conducted.

  6. kl360 on September 19, 2011 at 3:15 pm

    My sincere sympathy and respect to Ms. Onofre and her family. You all are in my prayers. The Marshall County Jail has mistreated it’s inmates for years and it has finally caught up to them. I hope they get what they deserve as far as punishment goes. The deputy coroner is a jailer so a conspiracy or cover-up is in the works. I invite Ms.Onofre’s family to contact me at and I will tell you how much a human being’s life is worth in that jail. Ms. Oonofre most assuredly died from lack a of simple humanity and meeting simple individual needs which is impossible for Marshall County Jail Staff to do.As you see they will let someone die alone and restrained in a 24hr WATCHED MEDICAL CELL before they get off there butt and take people seriously when they say there is a problem with their health. I have heard stories about that place and seen scars on peoples bodies who got Staph infections from shackles and were ignored until they were almost in a state of toxemia then rushed to the hospital and barely survive and have a scar the size of a softball on her leg for the rest of her life and many other occurences many many many close calls on peoples lives in that jail. I am so so sorry for Ms.Onofre and the way she had to die. I hope whoever is responsible pays for it like any other murderer!!!