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Promenade to Prom Successful Again this Year

February 28, 2011

03/01/11 Promenade to Prom debuted an estimated 175 prom dresses this past Friday night, February 25th to any high school girl in Marshall County looking for their own prom dress. LifePlex hosted the event and the doors opened at 4:00 p.m. to a large crowd of area girls. They waited patiently outside the doors from 2:30 on.

The young ladies entered, signed in and registered for any of the 24 prizes given away during the event.

Area businesses, services and individuals donated great prizes to extend the prom experience for these girls and their dates. Prizes included, jewelry, tanning sessions, manicures, meals discounted, and facials the day of prom, flowers, etc.

Tri Kappa would like to thank everyone who donated and helped make this event happen and make some area high school girls very happy. We so appreciate this community that has the “heart to keep on giving”.

Thank you to Xaver and Prices Cleaners for dry cleaning the dresses at a reduced price. Thank you to LifePlex for hosting the event, to Mewsette Cartwright for helping the Tri Kappa committee and for offering the dance lessons by the LifePlex Dance Academy. Thank you to WTCA, the Pilot, City Centre and others who helped promote the event.

Thank you to the high schools and Fernbaugh’s Jewelry for helping with the collection of all the dresses.

An estimated 50 dresses were purchased Friday, some through vouchers (if a girl donated a dress, she was given a voucher and took a prom dress home at no charge), others paid $10 for that special dress!

The girls would try on several dresses and visit the full length mirrors and everyone supported them in their search for the right dress. There was laughter, excitement and a lot of smiles exchanged during the 3 hour event. We look forward to continuing this service project annually.

Tri Kappa of Plymouth is a philanthropic group of close to 100 ladies in the active chapter and over 35 in the Associate Chapter. The goal of Tri Kappa is to promote, charity, culture and education, This Tri Kappa philanthropic group is only found in Indiana, and was established in 1901. Our Plymouth Tri Kappa group is one of the largest in the state. Our large fund raisers to support the philanthropic goals are our Ladies Night Out which will be held this Thursday night at Christo’s Banquet Center and the annual Easter egg sales. Yes, 100 women make an estimated 5,000 4 oz eggs with mint, peanut butter or butter cream covered in chocolate in one weekend!

(Available after April 4th.) Thank you everyone for supporting both fund raisers annually. Other events Tri Kappa has hosted, The History Walk, Road Rally and Promenade to Prom.

Tri Kappa gives money to agencies, services and scholarships that fit the philanthropic goal – promoting arts, culture and education.

Photos – Entrance through the balloon arch to register and find the right prom dress.

- Shelby Christianson waits in line to try on her dress choices!  (blond holding two dresses).

- Ashley and Brooke Pratt look over their dress choices (Black and coral dresses in front of mirror)

- Savanna Greene likes her choice in basic black/white, wrapped with style (holding lack and white dress)