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Rockies roll by pesky Raiders 37-13 for 3rd win!

September 10, 2011

Despite not having beaten Plymouth in 12 tries over the last 9 seasons, Northridge has been a thorn in Coach John Barron’s side since he took over 8 years ago.

“Johnathan Kirkton does an incredible job at Northridge.  His teams are always ready to play Plymouth every year.  He brings that “Jet Sweep” offense in every meeting we’ve had, and it still becomes the toughest thing to defend.  We knew that going into the game Friday against Northridge.”, said Head Coach John Barron.

Plymouth started with their first drive down to the NR 3 yard line before the Raiders made a goal line stop to thwart the Rockie drive.   Momentum began swinging the Raiders way, when a 3 play-44 yard drive led to a Travis Schlabach 49 yd catch for the games first touchdown, 7-0 Raiders.

“Our ILB got caught up in motion and failed to read his correct key, that led to the score.”, said Barron.

Chase Peters answered with a 2 yard scamper into paydirt to tie the game at 7-7.

“Nice drive by our offense.  Sam Stevens took some punishment, carrying the ball 9 out of those 11 plays on that drive.”, added Barron.

The Rockie defense got their first “Pick-Six” play when Cornerback Trenton Briles intercepted NR QB Tanner Love from 21 yards out to make it 15-7 after the “swinging-gate” two point conversion.

“I proud of Briles on how he defended that play.  A mark of a good player, is simply not knocking down the pass but doing something with it.  Briles caught it then scored.”, said Barron.

The third quarter didn’t start well for the Rockies.  A Rockies quarterback-running back exchange fumble at the Plymouth 40 yard line resulted in a 6 play-46 yard drive to get the Raiders to a 15-13 deficit.

“We needed to answer that drive by NR.  We gave it up, needed a stop, didn’t get it.  We had to respond.”, said Barron.

Respond they did!  It took 61 yards on 6 plays to get Sam Stevens into the end-zone for his first of two scores to make it 22-13 Plymouth.

The final third quarter score came on a 7 play-69 yard drive that led Chase Peters hitting the end-zone for a second time in the ballgame.   His run was a 40 yard scamper to make the score 30-12 Plymouth.

Sam Stevens hit the end-zone for his second score with 10:41 left in the ballgame.  That was a 5 play-66 yard drive to make the final score 37-13.

The Rockies will be on the road for a NLC battle against the Elkart Memorial Chargers.   WTCA pre-game show to begin at 6:20pm.

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