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Saturday’s Snow Kept County Police Busy with Crashes

December 20, 2011

12/21/11  The Marshall County Police Department stayed busy with Saturday morning’s snow fall and hazardous road conditions with several traffic accidents throughout the county. 

Around 8:50am Officer Les McFarland responded to an accident  at US 31 and US 6 involving a 2000 Ford driven by Joe Kintzel 69, of Warsaw and a 1998 Ford pick-up truck driven by Sherri B. Fritter 49, of Bremen.  Fritter states that she was traveling northbound on US 31 on US 31, when she stopped for the traffic light, located at US 31 and US 6.  Fritter then stated that a vehicle behind her ran into the back of her vehicle.  Mr. Kintzel states he was traveling northbound on US 31 when he attempted to stop, however due to roadway conditions he was unable to stop.  The 2000 Ford was with damage, but no injuries were reported. 

Then about an hour later at 9:43am Officer McFarland responded to Bremen for an accident that occurred at the intersection of Plymouth Street and Bowen Avenue.  Patrolman Robert Kling of the Bremen Police Department responded to the accident scene with his marked patrol car with the emergency lights on and parked the car in the intersection to investigate the traffic accident.  Frederick Keifer 58, of Bremen was traveling eastbound on Plymouth Street in his 2005 Honda when he was approaching Bowen Avenue and struck the police vehicle.  Then driver Jeremy Weiss 31, of Bremen states he was traveling on Plymouth Street also approaching Bowen Avenue when he was unable to stop his vehicle.  He ran into both Mr. Keifer and Officer Kling’s vehicles.  No injuries were reported at the scene. 

Then at 10:00am, Sergeant Bruce Carter responded to an accident on Lincoln Highway just west of Pioneer Road.  George Pearish 81, of Plymouth states that he was traveling westbound on Lincoln Highway when he lost control on the slick snow covered road and went off the right side of the road, spun around 180 degrees and struck a utility pole.  There was no visual damage to the pole. 

Patrolman McFarland responded to the area of Oak Road north of 6A Road when a call was received around 10:42am stating there was a two vehicle accident.  Upon arrival McFarland investigated a 2009 Ford Pick- up driven by Paul B. Harrison 38, of Walkerton, and a 2002 Chevy Mini-Van.  Harrison was traveling southbound on Oak Road, going through a curve, when he lost control of his vehicle and struck the minivan that was traveling northbound also through the curve.  No injuries were reported in the accident. 

Sergeant Carter responded to US 31 just south of 9A Road for a one vehicle accident that occurred.  Driver Sandy Snyder of West Lafayette stated that she was traveling northbound on US 31 in her 2008 Dodge Dakota when she lost control on the slick roadway.  The vehicle went into the median and spun 180 degrees into the guardrail with the passenger side door.  No visible damage was done to the guardrail. 

Patrolman McFarland responded to an accident on Miami Trail north of SR 106 for one vehicle accident that occurred when driver Robert Kaercher 65, of Bremen was traveling northbound on Miami Trail from SR 106, when he lost control of his vehicle.  The vehicle went off the roadway and hit a fence causing damage to the vehicle and the fence.  No injuries were reported. 

Another accident occurred on US 30 east of US 31 around 11:30am when a 2003 Dodge Dakota driven by Alex Bare had lost control of his vehicle and went off the south side of the road and struck a cement culvert causing considerable damage to the underside of the truck.