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Sheriff Chamberlin Updates Commissioners on Administrative Change

May 4, 2011

05/05/11 Marshall County Sheriff Tom Chamberlin updated the County Commissioners on administrative changes in his department.  Second in command, Rex Gilliland will be retiring at the end of the month and Chamberlin has decided to change the position from a Captain to Chief Deputy.  The Sheriff said they have the same duties, responsibilities, qualifications and job description.

Chamberlin confirmed that the new Chief Deputy will be Ron Babcock.  He will start work on May 10th and his duties will begin on June 1st.

The Sheriff also notified the Commissioners of a position opening as a jailer/dispatcher.  Last week a full-time male dispatcher/jailer resigned. To keep the position filled Chamberlin moved a part-time jailer/dispatcher into the full time position to keep a good balance for 24/7 coverage in the jail.

The population in the jail has been averaging about 90 with 91 inmates on Monday.

The Sheriff told the Commissioners that he received a check from $13,000 from the DOC for payment of holding state inmates.  He said the State still owes about $5,800 and their payments are running about 3 months behind.

The final think Chamberlin talked about was the new pick-up trucks.  All four are fully equipped and on the road.  They have experienced improved gas mileage getting almost 4 miles more a gallon that with the Crown Vics.  Officers have told him they get a better ride with better visibility.

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