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Sheriff’s June Activity Report

August 7, 2011

08/08/11 Marshall County Sheriff Tom Chamberlin released the June activity report.

The top ten bookings into the Marshall County Jail in June were: 1.) Operating while Intoxicated, 2.) Public Intoxication, 3.) Theft, 4.) Probation Violation, 5.) Driving while Suspended, 6.) Possession of Marijuana, 7.) Failure to Appear, 8.) Civil Content, 9.) Operator Never Licensed and rounding out the top ten is Battery.

A total of 211 people were arrested and lodged in the Marshall County Jail.  The Argos Police Department arrested 9 total; 4 males and 5 females.  The Bourbon Police Department arrested 4 males in June while the Bremen P.D. arrested 9 males.  Culver Police lodged 4 males in the County Jail while the Indiana State Police arrested 34 total; 10 males and 24 females.  Marshall County Police officers arrested a total of 93 in June; 72 males and 21 females and Plymouth Police arrested 78; 57 males and 21 females.

During June 2011 a total of 67 accidents were reported to the Sheriff’s Department; 47 were property damage and 20 involved injuries.  Deputies submitted 116 case reports and 25 citations.  Civil Process served 997 papers.

The June 2011 Call Report shows the Marshall County Dispatch Center answered 1321 9-1-1 calls.  Police responded to 854 of the 9-1-1 calls Argos has a total of 46, Bourbon 32, Bremen 44, Culver 31, Marshall County 398, and Plymouth Police 240.  Fire department responded to 116 of the 9-1-1 calls.  Argos Fire had 8 calls, Bourbon has 5, Bremen 6, Culver Fire had 3, LaPaz was dispatched 25 times with Plymouth Fire going out 36 times, Polk Township Fire had 16 calls and Tippecanoe a total of 6.

EMS departments from around the county were dispatched 279 times in June.  Argos went out 23, Bourbon 20, Bremen 28, and Culver 32.  LaPaz EMS was dispatched 18 times, Plymouth EMS 152 and Walkerton 4.  Marshall County also answered 1195 calls for service on non-emergency lines.

During the month of June, Marshall County Deputies self-initiated 718 calls, this includes traffic stops, assisting motorists, removing debris from roadways and other calls.

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