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“Sour Grapes” on the Opinion Show?

April 1, 2011

04/01/11 Those listeners to the Opinion Show which aired on March 31 were treated to what some might call a dose of sour grapes. During this show statements were made to the effect that the Culver Eagles had an unfair advantage. It is really very disappointing that our community is willing to blame the system for our own short comings. 

Some of the statements made that are below what we should expect from ourselves include the following:

  1. Students who attend CMA pay no property tax. Well I would venture to say that all those million dollar homes around Lake Maxinkuckee would disagree with this statement and to top it off the property taxes paid by these people are funneled in to Culver Community Schools. Do we here in Plymouth not have many who pay no property tax?? It is very unclear what advantage this not paying property tax would give CMA even if it were so.
  2. It is unfair for Plymouth to have to compete with private schools as they have this advantage of recruiting. It should be said that if you have a good enough program that this won’t matter just ask the Washington Hatchets. Do we here in Plymouth not encourage students from other countries to enjoy our system? The answer is yes and yet we are not on par with Washington or CMA for that matter.

One advantage CMA has is it has a reputation that will draw people from all over the world. Those students drawn to Culver are willing to pay a small fortune to attend. Where does this place Plymouth who can only draw those wishing for a free education? 

We must be frank with ourselves the king has no clothes. We can not draw people into our community with skills which will place us at the top because the opportunities are not here. How many of our own children must move to have a future and a chance to advance? Most is the answer and this is unfortunate. Yes we will have a new technology center in our school but this will only train our children and children of our guests for opportunities which will enhance communities other than our own.

One last thought. Has our basketball program been on the loosing side lately? Many will say yes but should we not look deeper. Have those involved in this program enjoyed their involvement? If yes how can we say it is a failure. We should be proud that these students gave us their best rather than complaining as to how they were just not good enough. It is always positive to expect the best from our students but when things don’t go our way shouldn’t we  be just as positive toward their effort.


Dan Weaver

One Response to “ “Sour Grapes” on the Opinion Show? ”

  1. CommonCents on April 1, 2011 at 7:34 pm

    Well said, Mr. Weaver. Culver had never (ever) won a sectional. And the one year they do, people cry “foul.” How funny is that!