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Stone Creek Homes Growing in Plymouth

December 19, 2011

12/20/11 Stone Creek Homes will be moving their corporate headquarters to Plymouth from Nebraska, according to David Ferguson, president and CEO.

Ferguson made the announcement at the Christmas party held on December 16 for all of their employees and families from the Plymouth plant. Ferguson said the quality and work ethic of the employees at the Plymouth location is prompting him to move the headquarters here.

Ferguson, who was originally from Plymouth, said, “This is an opportunity to pay forward.” Ferguson left Plymouth 38 years ago, but has never forgotten what the community has to offer. As he was making decisions concerning the location to manufacture a line of 4-bedroom lodge homes, one of the considerations was to expand the work force and hours of his 100,000 square foot plant in Central City, Nebraska., but ultimately he made the choice to begin manufacturing in the former Shamrock Homes plant on Markey Road.

At the grand opening of the plant, Ferguson said, “Stone Creek, in this first project, is building a workforce housing for the oil and gas drilling industry.”  He attributes the company’s success to the employees. He said, “We invest in our people, our homes and our communities.” Ferguson’s business card includes the phrase “Building Communities, Changing Lives”. He said, “Changing lives is the number one importance in our business strategy. Every human being who works for Stone Creek Homes is our single most valued asset.”

During the gathering on December 16, Ferguson said, “We love and care for them just like our family. These are the employees who really generate our business.” “We have no chance but to be successful.”  He said, “It isn’t about capital, technology, or financial assets and certainly not the management. It’s the folks on the ground. That is why we are here.”

Production in Plymouth began on August 5 with only nine employees.  By Mid-September the first unit was loaded and headed for a remote site in North Dakota.. The number of employees has now increased to over 45. Ferguson said they had over 600 applications for the Plymouth plant. They plan to increase the workforce to 75 in the near future.

Ferguson said, “We will be working between Christmas and New Years when many other plants have to shut down.” “We are grateful for the business.” he said.

The units feature four separate rooms, complete with kitchens, bathrooms, and sleeping accommodations. The design allows for a washer/dryer area that is shared by all.

Ferguson said he came up with the concept that  has proven to be very popular. Ferguson said, “It is a blessing.” Workers on the gas and oil lines often work for several weeks out in the fields, and usually in areas without hotels nearby. Ferguson said the new type units will make their lives a little easier and their time off more pleasant.

The demand of the product led to the opening of a plant in Texas within the last few months and Ferguson is in the midst of negotiating for a manufacturing site in Etna Green.

Photo 1:  Mary Kate Fynn looking at the stockings and presents for each of the children of Stone Creek employees. 

Photo 2: Brent Roberts, 4,  tells Santa what he wants for Christmas and was surprised to get an early gift from him.


Carol Anders Correspondent