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Stone Creek Homes Launch Mentoring Program

October 28, 2011

10/31/11 Stone Creek Homes announced this week they have launched an Employee Mentoring Program. According to Stone Creek’s President /CEO, David Ferguson, the motto of the company has always been “Building Communities and Changing Lives”. The addition of the Mentoring Program also falls in line with the company’s philosophy of “hire for attitude, train for skill”.

Fergusonsaid the program is designed for those who are not attending college/technical schools, single parents, or the unemployed who have no particular skill or formal training.

He said, “Stone Creek Homes developed a program where we help the individuals learn a trade where they can develop a career for themselves.”

According to Ferguson’s research, about 60 percent of all high school graduates are not attending college /technical school.” He said. “There are a number of single parents who are trying to find their niche in the work force, but without some type of particular skill or formal training, it is difficult for them to succeed.”

The program stresses recruitment, retention, and professional development along with the development of a multicultural workforce.

Ferguson said, “Mentoring benefits the organization, mentor and “mentoree” by reducing turnover costs, improving productivity, and developing a better product.” He said, “We are using our own employees, instead of outside consultants, as internal experts for professional development.”

He stressed that by supporting the creation of a multicultural workforce, they are creating relationships among diverse employees and allowing equal access to mentoring.

The first employee to be hired under the Mentoring Program is Heather Eley. Eley has been a stay-at-home mother until recently. Although her first day was Monday, Eley said she feels like she is already a part of the family. She said, “When I first came here, I thought I should just keep my head down to keep my job; but now, I want to talk to everybody.”

Eley said thatFergusoncalls her by name. She said “You know you mean something when the owner knows your name.”

As a part of the program, Eley will be under the watchful eye of several mentors as she moves from one work station to another. Right now, she is learning how to pull wires through the units as a part of the electric line and has already learned how to install plug-ins.

Eley is grateful that she has been given an chance to provide for her children. She said, “I’m so happy that someone gave me an opportunity.” At the end of each day, she is given an evaluation of her work by the plant manager. She said, “I’m glad for that since they are trying to find out what I’m good at.”

Eley said, “I know I have to bring a little extra to the job and have to set the bar high for others since I am the first one.”

She said, “The Company is taking a big gamble on me.” “It really is a gift.” she said.

Stone Creek Homes started production of housing that is transported to oil and gas fields for use by workers at the sites. Each one of the four units within the housing has a complete kitchen and bath. There are also two laundry areas they are shared.

Production started at the Plymouth plant on August 1 with nine employees. Now, just three months later, they have over 50 employees.”Ferguson said they plan to add an addition onto the building to expand the production and hire another 25 people.

Carol Anders Correspondent