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Student’s in Triton Schools Concerned about Lack of Technology

October 14, 2011

10/14/11 Triton School Corporation Superintendent Carl Hilling and Jr.-Sr. High School Principal Mike Chobanov are sympathetic to student Ethan Yazel’s concerns over the lack of technology at the school, but both agree that there are a great number of things that have to be addressed before moving forward.

Yazel appeared before the school board on October 10. He indicated that he feels the Technology Department is behind other schools and further, that it could be hurting kids. Yazel also questioned why the corporation bought 30 iPads last year that are not able to be used with the current Internet infrastructure.

Hilling said, “We share in his frustration. We will be glad to sit down and talk with him or others.”

There were a number of other students at the board meeting, but Hilling said he believes they were there to support art and science related trips toChicago.

Hilling said, “We are working to isolate the problems with the connectivity or electric problems.” He said, “The board has been aware of the problems for several months.” He said the board supports technology and could, at some point, issue bonds to help fund equipment. But with a possible price tag of $155,000-160,000 for upgrades, they are taking things one step at a time.

Hilling said there is a meeting scheduled for October 20 where a committee of administrators, teachers and parents will discuss the future needs. He said they have also brought in experts and consultants to determine the problems.  “There may not be a decision made before spring of next year.” Hilling said.

Chobanov said, “We are working in a 40-year-old building.” According to Chobanov, the  problems in using the iPads did not come to light until the new Technology Director, Justin Mort, explained what infrastructure would need to be added. Chobanov said, “When the iPads were purchased, we did not know the system wouldn’t handle it.”

This is Mort’s first year with the Triton Schools.

Chobanov said they have to look at curriculum, instruction and funding to add technology; however, they have already put some technology advancements into some classrooms.

Carol Anders Correspondent