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A Teacher is a Role Model 24/7

January 25, 2011

01/25/11 Historically educators at school and home are role models to students. Communities should demand that, not just policy.

It is documented fact that PCS superintendents have repeatedly violated policy in their chosen actions against PCS employees, at least one other band teacher and two coaches—but no one holds these administrators accountable for their own violations of not just policy, but for ethical, professional and alleged criminal wrongs.

It is frightening that PCS employees are repeatedly forced to resign for violating no policy and no law, yet the school board adamantly refuse to ever address the Superintendent’s covert personal creation of a most factual “porn packet” on 5/6/08—approximately 304 pages–composed at public expense, time, and a female secretary’s assistance. It is frightening that this porn packet he then willfully (manipulatively–you don’t need to print that but it was a manipulation of you and others. dh) and falsely presented as the work of an employee (as the former superintendent did earlier). The Plymouth School Board has refused to ever address these public educators’ fully documented gross wrongs.

This is fact that the media thus far is afraid to publish, despite overwhelming evidence, testimony, and professional analysis.

There is no doubt that our children’s lives are tremendously impacted by educators. Educators—including the school board—should all be expected to be positive role models at all times, to abide by both policy and law, to consistently act with integrity.

When they do not, and no one in publicly entrusted authority corrects their corrupt behavior, society suffers. When public leaders serve and protect themselves at the cost of sacrificing others’ welfare, the result is the destruction of what is good. When man is feared more than God, morality is abandoned.

Dare Hawes