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Third City Squard Car Totaled in Less than a Month

July 12, 2011

 07/13/11 In less than a month’s time the Plymouth Police officers have totaled three squad cars.  The third crash happened at 1:26 a.m. Tuesday morning at the intersection of US 30 and Oak Drive. 

County Police Officer Phil Beam was the investigating officer and reported that Plymouth Officer Ryan Richie was driving a 2010 Dodge Charger Police Cruiser north bound on Oak Drive approaching the US 30 intersection in-route to back-up a fellow officer for a call at Applebee’s.  Because it was not an emergency, no lights or sirens were being used. 

Officer Richie’s patrol car was struck by a west bound 2005 Volvo semi driven by Jasmin Mustedcanagic of St. Louis.

Patrolman Ryan Richie told Officer Beam that he had the green light and slowed down before entering the intersection.  He noted that he did not see the semi enter the intersection. 

The semi driver told Officer Beam that he had the green light and proceeded thru the intersection.  He saw the police car enter the intersection but was unable to get stopped. 

A witness following the semi west bound on US 30 said he saw the police car stop at the intersection and then proceed.  He did not know what color the light was for west bound traffic on US 30. 

Mustedcanagic, the semi driver was cited by the Indiana State Police Department of Transportation officer for several violations. 

Plymouth Police Officer Ryan Richie was transported to Saint Joseph Regional Medical Center in Plymouth and treated and released for minor injuries sustained in the crash.

The Marshall County Sheriff’s Department was assisted by Plymouth Fire and EMS and the Indiana State Police.

This accident is still under investigation by the Marshall County Sheriff’s Department.

On Monday, June 20th Plymouth Police Officer Jordan Rans totaled a squad car in a pursuit that ended in Monterey.  The suspect was being stopped for a traffic violation but refused to stop.  On Sunday, July 3rd Plymouth Officer Ray West was involved in a pursuit the ran through the county and ended with the suspect traveling west bound on the east bound lanes of US 30 and then turning his vehicle around and driving head on into West’s squad car near the Govertown Truck Stop on US 30. 

On Monday night during the Board of Public Works and Safety meeting Police Chief Jim Cox asked the board for approval to purchase a new squad car to replace the one totaled on July 3rd. He indicated that insurance will cover a portion of the cost and he will with the assistance of the City Clerk seek the additional funds from other lines in his budget.

One Response to “ Third City Squard Car Totaled in Less than a Month ”

  1. Andrew on July 13, 2011 at 4:46 am

    I am certain that this largely has to do with probability rather than anything else.

    I have over the course of years taken part of various driver educations programs to improve my skills (especially as it applies
    to Autobahn driving). One of the nice things about being part of my autoclub is that it offers a week of specialized training in safety and accident prevention.

    I wonder in light of today’s more complex and faster world, if such things wouldn’t be an idea as a form of continuing education? Perhaps such things are already in place. Certainly there are some accidents that can’t be avoided however.