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Toastmasters Speech Craft Class

May 20, 2011

05/23/11  The Toastmasters Speech Craft Class held at Miller’s Senior Living Community has come to an end.   Cindy Flagg acted as Toastmaster during the last class which was held Wednesday, May 18.  Iris Jenney was the Table Topics Master and asked questions about “Pets”.  Three minute impromptu speeches were given by Flagg, Houin, Jenney, Marianne Peters, Katie Kubley, Helen Overmyer, Mae Mikesell, Audrey Franklin, and Sharon Miller-Cudney.  

Everyone participated in the General Evaluation and discussed the positive reinforcement they had taken from Toastmasters during the six weeks Speech Craft Class.  Many felt it had boosted their self esteem and they were now better prepared to speak before a group of people if the occasion arose.  They also agreed that they enjoyed hearing others speak about things that were important to them and had learned more about their fellow classmates.  They also agreed that the time structure of Toastmasters helped them stay on track during the meeting.  It was decided by Flagg and the residents present that a form of Toastmasters would continue on a weekly basis.  While it will no longer be under the direction of Houin; Flagg will reside over the meeting and have topics for the group to discuss and speak about and it will run on a structured time plan. 

Houin thanked those in attendance for participating. She and Peters presented all Speech Craft participants with an award.  Those receiving Silver Star Awards were Shirley Apple, Iris Jenney and Cindy Flagg.  Perfect Attendance Gold Star Awards were presented to Audrey Franklin, Katie Kubley, and Sharon Miller-Cudney. Other awards went to Alma Dennie, June Koss, Millie Bernero, Norma Dillingham, Carol Rogers, and Gladys Umbaugh.  Houin also announced that Miller-Cudney went on to join Wythougan Toastmasters that meets every Friday morning at 6:45 a.m. at Christo’s Family Restaurant.

Photo:  Award recipients at the Miller’s Toastmaster Speech Craft Class were:  (front) Audrey Franklin, Mae Mikesell, Katie Kubley and (back) Cindy Flagg, Activity Director, Iris Jenney, Sharon Miller-Cudney and Sponsor Jan Houin.

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