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Union Township Wind Turbines

August 24, 2011

08/24/11 Without taxpayer subsides Wind Turbines would not be economical when wind power is 4 times the cost of US coal and 6 times the cost of US natural gas, not to mention potential safety hazards to humans and animal, etc.

45 story towers will ruin our landscape, potentially reduce property values, and limit land use.

I understand neither NIPSCO nor REMC want the expensive and irregularly power supply.

What’s happening with our elected and appointed officials when there are no benefits to Marshall County residents?

Why are Germany and France forcing Wind Turbines off land and into the sea away from humans and animals (yet these are two of the foremost Green Power countries)?

British studies show wind power is totally uneconomical and the UK is in the process of eliminating tax payer subsidies.

Please encourage our elected and appointed officials to find the “facts” and not listen to those few who want to line their pockets against the needs and wishes of Marshall County residents and taxpayers.

Respectfully submitted, Dick Swennumson Union Township, Marshall County voting resident