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Volunteers Ask You to Shovel Hydrants

February 9, 2011

02/12/11 Volunteers firemen with the Plymouth Fire Department are asking citizens in Plymouth to assist the Plymouth Fire Department in clearing snow from around hydrants.

“While the fire department is busy responding to a fire your home could be burning down because the hydrant is not cleared of the snow,” says Art Jacobs. “We need citizens to join this effort so firefighters can more quickly find and access the hydrants in an emergency. While shoveling your driveway or digging out your vehicle, take a few extra minutes to clear any nearby fire hydrants. This assistance could save time, property and lives in an emergency.”

Jacobs also reminds Hoosiers to make sure house numbers are clear and visible. “Blowing snow can cover house numbers. Take a few minutes to brush them off and make sure the numbers are readable so emergency response personnel can quickly identify your location in an emergency.”

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One Response to “ Volunteers Ask You to Shovel Hydrants ”

  1. CommonCents on February 9, 2011 at 6:00 pm

    Don’t we have full time firemen paid by the City? Why aren’t they out shoveling hydrants when they aren’t on call?