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  12/17/12 Some believe the last sequential date of this century, 12-12-12, may be the luckiest day of our lifetime. Others say it’s associated with enjoyment, creative expressions, emotions, rejuvenation and rebirth. By all counts, it was destined to be a meaningful day for Marshall County communities. And some would say, it may well be the greatest single day of charity in the history of Marshall County. The Marshall County Community Foundation 12-12-12 matched giving event raised $538,565 for endowment funds that will support more than 72 non profit agencies and charitable causes. “It was an extraordinary day that reflects, once again, the amazing generosity of Marshall County residents and those from across the country as well who support our local communities,” said Linda Yoder, Executive Director for Marshall County Community Foundation (MCCF.)

From noon till midnight on December 12, contributions over $120 to a permanent fund at the Marshall County Community Foundation qualified  for a 12% match which was provided from unrestricted funds at MCCF and generous donors who wanted to support the special event. The 12-hour event inspired many to give online, by phone or in person. “When we had our initial committee meetings, we thought it would be a good day for Marshall County if we reached $100,000,” said Mike Overmyer, MCCF’s Asset Development Committee Chairman. “Wednesday’s results are phenomenal!  People got involved and gave with a passion!” Seven new funds were started and contributions to many of the existing 241 funds will benefit a wide variety of organizations including Ancilla College, Habitat for Humanity, Jane’s Park, Marshall County Historical Society, Marshall County Humane Society, the Plymouth High School Speech and Debate Team, Potawatomi Park, United Way of Marshall County, and Wythougan Valley Preservation. Others to benefit include Boys and Girls Clubs, libraries, fire and EMS departments and cancer research organizations. Thirty two scholarship funds will receive a boost as well. Several donations to the general endowment will support special initiatives or ever-changing needs of Marshall County. Twice a year grants are awarded from General Endowment Fund earnings to fund programs of non-profit organizations serving Marshall County residents.       

Over 200 people stopped by MCCF offices located in KeyBank at 2701 N Michigan to celebrate the day and learn more about the Foundation and the charitable causes it supports. “We had tremendous support from so many volunteers and businesses to help us celebrate the day, honoring all the donors who have given in the past and sharing the stories of so many of our recipients too,” said Jennifer Compton, MCCF’s Director of Donor Services. “It was a huge success in so many ways.”

“And these are perpetual funds,” added Jerry Gates, MCCF Board Chair. Donations to permanent funds will benefit the community for generations to come. “Just think what kind of impact this day will have by the time the digits line up again.” That happens in 88 years on January 1, 2101 (01-01-01)!


About the Marshall County Community Foundation

The Marshall County Community Foundation is a public charity with local roots that helps great ideas take flight through endowment philanthropy. Since 1991, donors to the Marshall County Community Foundation have built the community’s assets currently valued at more than $27 million and have returned over $10 million to Marshall County communities in grants and scholarships. For more information about the Foundation, call 574.935.9159 or visit

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