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2012 Tri Kappa Art Show Winners

June 5, 2012

 06/06/12 The winners of the Tri Kappa Spring Student Art Show were recently announced as judged by members of Heartland Artists.  Kindergarten: 1stst  Drew Parkerson, 2ndnd Alex Tucker, 3rdrd Sophia Cook, 1st Grade: 1st Karya Pritchard, 2nd Taya Wagner, 3rd Jaden Beran; 2nd Grade:  1st Billy Sanchez, 2nd William Kingston, 3rd Logen Robbins; 3rd Grade:  1st Khya Gilbert, 2nd Allissa Hartmen, 3rd Selina Zheng; 4th Grade:  1st Joseph Styers, 2nd Dylan Panzica, 3rd Hannah Haight;  5th Grade:  1st Levi Crawford, 2nd Jacob Berger, 3rd Jack Garner; 6th Grade:  1st Rose Miller, 2nd Zane Devault, 3rd Winston Carrington; 7th Grade: 1st Emory Smith, 2nd Travis Owen, 3rd Diana Baca; 8th Grade:  1st Karly Gruett, 2nd Ariel Myers, 3rd Lexi Mahabeer; High School WinnersBest of Show: Stephanie Rosas; Black & White Drawing 1st: Olivia Coulter, 2nd: Alex Pesak, 3rd: Juan Chavez, 4th: Irene Trevino, 5th: Vivian Contreras; Color Drawing: 1st: Brandon Baird,  2nd: Joshua Mehling, 3rd: Travis Tredway, 4th: Kennedy Schnieders, 5th: Megan Sutton; Painting: 1st: Brandon Baird, 2nd: Dan Samuelson, 3rd: Brandon Baird, 4th: Kiara Patrick, 5th: Brandon Baird; 3-D:  1st: Stephanie Rosas, 2nd: Katie Galloway, 3rd: Rachel Hartman, 4th: Darcy Fisher, 5th; Darcy Fisher; Digital Design:  1st: Aaron Hartung, 2nd: Emanuel Vargas, 3rd: Zach Mahan, 4th: Emanuel Vargas, 5th: Ryan Slough; Multi-Media/Other: 1st: Michaela Moreno, 2nd: Kiara Patrick, 3rd: Kassie Rodriguez, 4th: Hayley Christ, 5th: Libbie Portteus

(PHOTO CAPTION)  Shown with the winning high school students at the awards presentation for the Tri Kappa Spring Student Art Show are:  Front Row  (l-r)   Kennedy Schneider, Rachel Hartman, Stephanie Rosas, Katie Galloway, Josh Mehling, Juan Chavez; Second Row (l-r) Irene Trevino, Vivian Contreras, Kassie Rodriguez, Kiara Patrick,  Megan Sutton, Libbie Portteus, Alexandria Pesak; Back Row (l-r)  Nadine Oliver (Tri Kappa), Haley Christ, Michaela Moreno, Emanuel Vargas, Brandon Baird, Zach Mahan, Ryan Slough, Aaron Hartung, Olivia Coulter, Travis Tredway, Dan Samuelson Laurie Sutter (Tri Kappa)


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