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State Board of Accounts Audit Showed Minor Issue

January 23, 2012

01/24/12 The Indiana State Board of Accounts has officially filed the results of an audit performed of the Plymouth Community School Corporation. The report, filed on December 20, 2011, covered the dates of July 1, 2009 to June 30, 2011.

Audits are routinely done every two years.

State Board of Accounts is an independent agency who serves the taxpayer in fact finding scrutiny of public financial records.  If SBA doesn’t have something particular published in their report, it is because they did not discover any malfeasance to a particular item.  If indeed they discover such malfeasance, they are obligated to report it in the audit exceptions section.

Comments inserted in the report concerned the failure of numbered tickets used at both athletic and theatre events. According to the report, ticket stubs were not retained for the audit.

There was also a further explanation of the procedures needed to pay gate workers, officials, custodians, kitchen help, etc.. According to the comments within the audit summary, pay of teachers and other personal for service at interscholastic athletic events such as ticket takers, scoreboard personnel, etc. are expenses of the Athletic Fund of the Extra-Curricular Account. It states, “Pay of concession stand supervisors and of ticket takers, etc. for Fine Arts events should be paid from the proceeds of the activity sponsoring these events. Payment to all such personnel must be by way of a payroll.”

According to Assistant Superintendent Rodger Smith, the matter was corrected prior to the audit and the proper procedures have been put into place.

According to Ryan Preston of the State Board of Accounts, any complaints that would have been received by the office are held in a “data file”. That file is then released to the field examiner (s) performing the actual audit.

No concerns or complaints were addressed in the written audit summary.

Carol Anders Correspondent

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