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Jana’s Gymnasts 1st Place Finishers

February 6, 2012

02/07/12 Jana’s Gymnastics competed in the Quest for the Diamond Gymnastics Meet in Michigan City on Saturday, February 4th.  Jana’s Bronze and Silver Teams each earned 1st place finishes.


Pictured are: Bronze team members Front Row: Zoey France, Kennedy Sopher, Lauren Miller, Julia Marohn, Allison Layne

Back Row: Kennedy Lauck, Carissa Kulpa, Abbie Griffiths, Sara Hunter, Claudia Marohn, Julia Kinney, Kylie Dehner and Abby Machnic


Silver & Gold Team mebers:  Left to Right: Caitlin Kulpa, Kyla Heckaman, Lexi Miller, Jadyn Evans, Hope Stone, Emma Delinski and Mia Harvey


Here are the results:


Sara Hunter: Vault 7.75, Bars 8.8, Beam 9.0, Floor 9.0, AA 34.55(8th)

Julia Kinney: Vault 7.2, Bars 9.25(3rd), Beam 9.0, Floor 9.4(3rd), AA 34.85(6th)

Zoey France: Vault 8.7(1st), Bars 9.2(4th), Beam 9.2(3rd), Floor 9.1, AA 36.2(2nd)

Lauren Miller: Vault 7.35, Bars 9.0(5th), Beam 8.7, Floor 9.2(5th), AA 34.25(9th)

Kennedy Lauck: Vault 8.4(4th), Bars 8.7, Beam 8.1, Floor 9.5(2nd), AA 34.7(7th)

Abby Machnic: Vault 7.8, Bars 9.35(2nd), Beam 9.3(2nd), Floor 9.3(4th), AA 35.75(3rd)

Claudia Marohn: Vault 8.1(5th), Bars 9.4(1st), Beam 9.55(1st), Floor 9.6(1st), AA 36.65(1st)

Kylie Dehner: Vault 8.55(3rd), Bars 8.8, Beam 9.1(4th), Floor 8.95, AA 35.4(4th)

Carissa Kulpa: Vault 8.6 (2nd), Bars 8.7, Beam 9.05(5th), Floor 8.75, AA 35.1(5th)

Allison Layne: Vault 7.9, Bars 8.3, Beam 9.3(3rd), Floor 8.65(4th), AA 34.15(7th)

Kennedy Sopher: Vault 8.85(1st), Bars 8.65(4th), Beam 8.8, Floor 8.25, AA 34.55(4th)

Julia Marohn: Vault 8.3(5th), Bars 8.6(5th), Beam 9.5(1st), Floor 9.4(1st), AA 35.8(1st)

Abbie Griffiths: Vault 8.0, Bars 8.9(2nd), Beam 9.45(2nd), Floor 9.1(2nd), AA 35.45(2nd)



Caitlin Kulpa: Vault 8.05, Bars 8.0, Beam 7.8, Floor 7.8, AA 31.65(9th)

Hope Stone: Vault 9.0(1st), Bars 8.4(4th), Beam 7.9, Floor 9.45(2nd), AA 34.7(4th)

Jadyn Evans: Vault 8.3, Bars 7.8, Beam 9.1(3rd), Floor 9.1(4th), AA 34.3(6th)

Emma Delinski: Vault 8.7(2nd), Bars 8.6(3rd), Beam 9.6(1st), Floor 9.6(1st), AA 36.5(1st)

Mia Harvey: Vault 8.4, Bars 8.8(2nd), Beam 9.2(2nd), Floor 9.3(3rd), AA 35.7(2nd)

Lexi Miller: Vault 8.55(4th), Bars 9.05(1st), Beam 8.6(5th), Floor 8.9, AA 35.1(3rd)



Kyla Heckaman: Vault 9.15(1st), Bars 8.8(1st), Beam 9.5(1st), Floor 9.5(1st), AA 36.95(1st)