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A May Message from Mark Neidig

May 16, 2012

05/17/12 April was another incredible month for the Kanzius Cancer Research Foundation and our efforts to make the dream of John Kanzius a reality.  For the third year, the Tribeca Film Festival has handed out Disruptive Innovators awards and this year, the Kanzius Foundation was recognized for achievements in cancer research! Dr. Steven Curley, researcher at The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center, was honored among the leading disruptive innovators who have impacted the worlds of business, technology, arts, and entertainment.

To receive an award based on innovation reaffirms what we strongly believe at Kanzius – that a solution to this devastating disease is a reality. Every life is touched by this disease in some form or another and recognition by the Tribeca Film Festival community confirms that the foundation is being acknowledged by the cancer community and beyond. To be named a Disruptive Innovator means that we are causing change.

Since 2008, we have focused on spreading the wave; raising awareness about an alternative cancer treatment – the Kanzius Noninvasive Radiowave Cancer Treatment. It works by simply embedding metallic nanoparticles into cancer cells and then passing controlled radiowaves past those cells, heating them up and detonating their destructive effects.  Now, we need to focus on generating a new wave.  It seems that every day, stories about cancer treatments gone awry make the headlines. Treatments prescribed by doctors that are, in fact, just a means to an end, the distribution of counterfeit drugs or unnecessary treatments given for a misdiagnosis. In essence, traditional treatments are killing patients rather than killing cancer.  Our medical community is doing the best they can, with the treatments they have, but they need “a better way!”

The Innovative Disrupter Award is only the start of the next chapter for Kanzius Cancer Research Foundation. We continue to raise awareness and it is still an integral part of our core mission. Now is the time to ask our leaders to help make an impact. I recently had the fortunate opportunity to meet with John Boehner, Speaker of the House, and Majority Leader Eric Cantor, a Virginia Congressman. Like the meeting with Nancy Pelosi last month, I was able to share the incredible story of John Kanzius and his dream. Together, we are looking for ways to broaden our community and raise influence.

It is important for everyone to realize that in order to keep moving forward, we must disrupt the current wave of acceptance. Acceptance of current treatments does not solve a broken method. We cannot settle for the current standard of care that further sickens cancer patients while attempting to fight this disease. The only way forward is to innovate and change the broken. The Kanzius Cancer Research Foundation is disrupting the wave, changing the current and creating a new wave in a different direction. Cancer treatment without harsh and devastating side effects is a future that is near. The research done in the Kanzius labs at M.D. Anderson Cancer Center in Houston and e University of Pittsburgh Medical Center progresses every day and the next step of human trials grows closer by the minute. To incite substantial change requires us to innovate, disrupt and be adamant about what is possible.

MARK A. NEIDIG SR. is executive director of the Kanzius Cancer Research Foundation (