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Argos Town Council Considers Establishment of Storm Water Rate

October 7, 2012

  10/08/12 The Argos Town Council discussed establishing an initial rate for the purpose of Storm Water Management.  There are still some areas of Argos with a storm water system that was installed in the 1930′s and have not been updated since.   The Council would like to provide a system for the safe and efficient disposal of the storm waters.  To do this, the Council would need to establish a Storm Water Division of the Sewage works, a Storm Water Fund for receiving Storm Water Revenue and a system of Storm Water Rates and charges.

The Council would put in place a two phase schedule for the rate charges.  The first phase, starting when an ordinance is passed, would be $3 a month for residential properties and $7.50 for non-residential properties.  The second phase, starting January 1, 2014, would be $5 for residential and $12.50 for non-residential.

Establishing the fund will mean that Argos will have the dollars need for matching funds when applying for grants to improve the Storm Water system.

Teressa Welborn Correspondent

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