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Aviation Board Moves Forward with 2014 Runway Reconstruction Project

February 18, 2012

   02/20/12 Runway reconstruction at the Plymouth Airport is slated as a 2014 project, but the preliminary steps to get the details in place have already started. David Lattimer, airport manager, said, “The project is in the very beginning stages.” According to Lattimer, surveyors began taking measurements two or three months ago and six weeks ago, drill borings were taken on several spots on the runway and taxiway.

Lattimer said the borings determined that the depth of the asphalt and the base material under it is currently one-third of what it needs to be. In consultation with the Plymouth Building Commissioner, Keith Hammonds, it was noted that the frost line for the greater Marshall County area is 36 inches. Lattimer said, “We have about one-third of that depth.”

Latimer said the project is a part of an ongoing maintenance program.

At the Aviation Board meeting last week, consultant Mark Shilling said new FAA legislation means that the reimbursement that could be received by the Plymouth Airport from the FAA has drooped by five percent, going from 95 percent to 90 percent. The State of Indiana reimburses such projects at 2.5 percent. The City would be responsible for the rest of the cost.

Adding to the list of considerations on how to proceed includes contracts for 50 or so acres of farm land outside of the fence line that is owned by the City. Some four years ago, the purchase of a parcel of land on the south side of the airport was finalized from Carl Stockberger, but continues to be used as farmland. It was noted at the Aviation meeting that  there are other parcels of land belonging to the City  that need to be under contract .The City has a contract with H & H Farms for farming within the fence lines.

John Langfelt, Robin Roberts and H & H Farms submitted bids to the board for the right to farm the outside land and pay the City per acre of tillable land. All three bids were taken under advisement a meeting to be reviewed. Awarding of the contracts will be at the March Aviation Board meeting unless a special meeting is convened prior to the regularly scheduled meeting.

Coordination with those farming the land will have to be ironed out to ensure that adequate room f or moving large farming equipment can continue during the reconstruction.

According to Lattimer, the 2014 project will only include the width and length of the current runway and taxiways. Lattimer said currently the runway is 60 feet wide and

4, 400 feet wide of useable runaway out of the 4, 700 feet in place.

The FAA and INDOT (Indiana Department of Transportation) have specific requirements that must be followed in order to receive reimbursements. Shilling, as he often does, warned the Aviation Board members that monies received from FAA and INDOT come with stipulations that must be followed before and after a project is funded.

Carol Anders Correspondent

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