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Burglary at Stone Creek Homes Cost Them $35,000

January 10, 2012

01/11/12 Dave Ferguson, CEO of Stone Creek Homes in Plymouth is seeking the public’s assistance in solving a crime.  In a press release it states:

Over the Thanksgiving holiday, a break-in at Stone Creek Homes cost them over $35,000.  Among those think taken were rolls of wiring, tooling, and air compressors.  Although the company has replaced the items taken, including replacing tools that belonged to some employees, the loss means that they will be unable to hire one less full-time employee and one less part-time employee this year.

The theft of the wiring put production back five days.

Since Stone Creek Homes started production in 2010 with nine employees, they have continued to hire and train over 60 employees to date.  As a company, they believe that their role in the community is to continue to provide jobs and opportunities for their employees along with expanding to add jobs in a tough economy.

Ferguson said, “We have provided what, we believe, are credible leads as to those responsible for the break-in to the Plymouth Police Department and other city officials.  At this time, we are asking that anyone with knowledge of the theft to contact the police department to help substantiate our information.”