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Busy Agenda for Drainage Board

February 20, 2012

  02/21/12 The Marshall County Drainage Board opened bids on two maintenance projects during their meeting Monday morning.  Four companies bid on the Gjemre Ditch.  Bids ranged from $3,325 up to $5,900.  Low bidder, Hurford Farm Supply was awarded the bid.  Five companies bid on the Martin Border Ditch maintenance project.  Bids ranged from $8,740 up to $9,125.  Low bidder, Allsop Construction was awarded the project.

In 2006 the Drainage Board increased the assessment on the Mattingly Ditch up to $6.00 per acre because it was in the read and maintenance projects were costing too much.  During yesterday’s meeting the board brought the assessment back down to the $3.00 per acre rate.

The Drainage Board expected to have a representative from the Irsay property in Culver at the meeting to discuss an ongoing drainage issue.  They had sent a request to be at the meeting certified mail and the return receipt was received, thus they knew about Monday’s meeting but they were a no show.

Because of it being a public hearing, the drainage board heard from Mr. and Mrs. Gediminas Marchertas who have the property directly to the south of Irsay on State Road 110.  They have experienced as much as 8 feet deep water in some portions of their property.  They brought with them, Mark Sullivan from Common Wealth Engineering and Mark Haskins who has done drainage work for the Marchertas’.

After a discussion the Drainage Board motioned to send a letter to the Irsays telling them of their plan to fix the blockage in the regulated drain on their property.  Last fall the board notified Irsay of the issue and it has not been repaired y. The board is planning to fix the drainage tile and having the Irsays paying for the repairs.  There is an appeal process to the board’s decision.

In other drainage board business members motioned to increase the maintenance assessment on the Clell Fouts Ditch from $1.25 an acre up to $2.50.  The Plymouth Airport was granted a variance to move their new sign to the west side of the ditch and north side of Airport Drive.  Surveyor Larry Fisher explained that the new location is inaccessible for cleaning the ditch due to overhead lines and guidelines for utility poles.