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CC Hair Company a “Hello Gorgeous” Assoicate Salon

January 24, 2012

01/25/12 Cathy Carpenter and several of her staff from CC Hair Company in Plymouth stopped by Miller’s Senior Living Community Friday afternoon, January 20th.  Carpenter, Marilyn Rans and Kathy Hatfield spoke about an organization they are involved with called “Hello Gorgeous” which gives make-overs to women who have been diagnosed with cancer and are having chemotherapy treatments.

Hello Gorgeous was founded by Mike and Kim Becker of South Bend, In.  They train hair dressers and cosmetologists in the proper technique of dealing with people who are going through chemo.  The chemo affects one’s immune system and it is of utmost importance to use sterile equipment and not pass the spread of bacteria and germs.  Sandra Brantley is the fourth employee of CC Hair Company that has been trained. Age and type of cancer does not matter to be nominated as a Hello Gorgeous recipient.  Recipient receives three hours of relaxing pampering including and manicure, pedicure, facial, hair styling and a complete new outfit.  “It is a big surprise for the lady receiving the make-over,” explained Rans.  “They have no clue what is happening.  Whoever nominated them, gets them to the shop and when the lady walks in she is greeted with flowers, candy a red carpet to walk and everyone in the shop greeting them with ‘Hello, gorgeous’.  And then the real fun begins.”  When they are finished with the complete makeover she thinks she is done but she is then whisked away to another location where she is guest of honor at a “reveal party”  A reveal party is where all her friends and family can see the results of the make-over.  The make overs are free to the recipient.  Make up, clothing, nail polish and all other items are donated by Hello Gorgeous and the salon involved.  CC Hair Company is the only salon in Plymouth involved at the moment.  Carpenter and her employees admit Hello Gorgeous is a wonderful organization and they meet the neatest people as they give the makeovers.  For more info about Hello Gorgeous or to nominate a woman for a makeover you may call CC Hair Company at 936-9070.

Pictured: Hello Gorgeous representative pose with residents of Plymouth Miller’s Senior Living Community.  Seated in front:  Inez Eley, Helen Hollett, Mary Probst, Dottie Patz.  Seated in second row:  Katie Kaminski,  Audrey Franklin, June Koss, Mae Kile.  Standing from CC Hair Company:  MArilyn Rans, Kathy Hatfield and Cathy Carpenter.  Seated in back:  Edythe Wilson and Annie Minker

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