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City Board of Public Works Grants Permission to Board Up Park Jefferson Apartments

March 26, 2012

    03/27/12  Building Commissioner Keith Hammonds reported to the Board of Public Works and Safety that the owners of the Park Jefferson Apartments at 1311 West Jefferson Street have not responded to his letters and he was requesting permission to proceed with boarding up the property from the Board.

  City Attorney Sean Surissi advised the Board that he had heard from Dr. Don Marshall, owner of the property, on Monday and he has a meeting scheduled with Dr. Marshall, Mayor Senter, Keith Hammonds and himself for Friday, March 30th.

    Dr. Marshall has been ill and was unaware of the condition of the property until recently.  He is very concerned with the statement of disrepair of the property and wants to get things in order.  He claims that he has had contact with several potential buyers for the property.

       Attorney Surissi recommended to the Board that permission should be given to Building Commissioner Hammonds to proceed with boarding up the property but after the meeting on Friday, in the hope that Dr. Marshall will make the steps toward taking care of the problems at the property.  Councilman Ecker made a motion and Councilman Culp seconded.  Motion passed to give permission to Building Commissioner Hammonds to proceed with boarding up the property at 1311 W. Jefferson Street only after the meeting on Friday March 30th with the owner.

Laura Mann Correspondent