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City Council Members Asked to Prepare Sidewalk Project Lists

January 24, 2012

01/25/12 Monday evening the Common Council members were asked by Plymouth Street Department Superintendent Jim Marquardt to start thinking about their lists of sidewalk improvement projects in their districts.  Each of the council members has a $6,000 budget for sidewalks that need repair or replacement. Marquardt asked Common Council members to start looking in their districts for sidewalks that need improvements or need to be added.

City Attorney Nelson Chipman explained that MACOG has been working on an analysis of ADA transitions of intersections that is nearly complete for the city.  He said, “Actually, this is a very formal plan that will be submitted for adoption by the Common Council.” It was noted that council members will need to review the plan to assist them in selecting sidewalk improvement projects.

Mayor Mark Senter closed the meeting by saying that he will present his State of the City address at the city meetings on Monday, February 27.   He also noted that it will be the last day that Chipman will hold the position of City Attorney as he will be joining the staff of the Marshall County Prosecutor’s office.

One Response to “ City Council Members Asked to Prepare Sidewalk Project Lists ”

  1. on January 25, 2012 at 6:57 pm

    Our sidewalks in Plymouth aren’t all that bad. What we do need is to add new sidewalks. You can not walk a sidewalk east of town or from the southeast there isn’t any pass LJH or Jefferson st to get to Martin,Dollar Store,or to a church. Berkley St. no sidewalk kids have to walk in street to school
    There are sidewalks on Michigan from the south all the way north on both sides.
    More people are walking today. I walk every morning,& I should not have to walk on the highway. John Davis 936 4683