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City Department Heads Present Year End Reports

January 16, 2012

01/17/12 Year-end reports were presented to the Plymouth Board of Public Works and Safety last week.

Police Chief Jim Cox’s report indicated that his staff answered 9977 call for information during 2011.  Officers completed 3422 traffic stops, investigated 3341 complaints, responded to 2271 9-1-1 calls and conducted 1704 investigations.  City officers made 547 criminal arrests, were dispatched to 489 alarms, made 450 traffic arrests, conducted 438 vehicle checks, and investigated 365 property damage accidents.  Last year 321 suspicious persons were checked on, 306 thefts were investigated, 268 traffic warnings were issued, 259 juvenile complaints were received, and 198 $2 parking tickets were issued. 

The City of Plymouth’s K9 Rex was used 195 times, 148 restraining orders were read, while 138 warrants were served, and 130 welfare checks were made.  Plymouth police officers located at total of 66 doors and or windows open, enacted the Merchant Protection Plan 44 times, assisted with 38 lock-outs, were dispatched to 32 domestic fights and 22 batteries.  Officers investigated 14 personal injury accidents, issued 7 $10 parking tickets and 2 $50 handicap parking violation.

Plymouth Fire Chief Andy Metsker presented his annual activity report for 2011.  The total EMS alarm situations last year were 2,199 noting that EMS rolls for their own calls and every time the fire trucks roll too. Of those calls 1,627 were incidents for EMS and 182 were medical assists.  Last year emergency crews were cancelled in route 89 times, responded to 57 false alarms, assisted at 36 structure fires, 18 unintentional system operations, and 18 vehicle fires.  Plymouth Fire and EMS were called to action 16 times for chemical releases, 15 natural vegetation fires, 15 public service assistance calls, 13 system malfunctions, and 11 rescue calls.  Other calls included 10 each – combustible spills or leaks, electrical problems, and cover assignments, 9 each – good intention calls, and smoke or odor problems. 

2011 Fire and EMS calls include 7 rubbish fires, 6 severe weathers, 4 service calls, 3 each for other fires, hazardous conditions,  persons in distress, special type of incidents, and water or ice rescues.  Twice last year EMS and or fire were dispatched to the wrong location, excessive heat or scorch, explosion with no fire, mischievous false alarms, and standby rescue.  Calls once last year included: accident, citizen complaint, HazMat release, overpressure rupture from air or gas and from explosion or overheat, a special outside fire and unauthorized burning.

Plymouth Building Commissioner Keith presented his year end report.  He issued a total of 205 permits last year down slightly from the 235 issued in 2010.  Total cost of the 2011 permits was $15,327.66.  The estimated construction cost of those permits was $7,588,630.  Signs topped the list of permits with 32 followed by 28 permits for fences and 28 for renovations. 25 electrical permits were issued, 19 accessory structures, 16 additions, and 10 decks and 10 porches. Other permits issued by the building commissioner were 8 single family dwellings, 6 for new construction and 6 for demolition, 5 pools and 5 temporary signs, 2 roofs, and 1 each for car port, foundation, handicap ramp, parking lot, and 1 plumbing.

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