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Culver EMS Director Resigns After 19 Years

August 29, 2012

  08/30/12 Chuck Dilts abruptly resigned as Culver EMS Director last week.

A member of Culver EMS for 19 years, Mr. Dilts went in front of the Town Council Tuesday night to officially notify them of his resignation and his desire to stay on in a volunteer capacity.   The Culver Town Council was also notified of his replacement.  Mr. Bobby Cooper Jr.   The Council Members had no questions or concerns regarding the resignation from Dilts and appeared to know why he was resigning.

Town Council Member Lynn Overmyer questioned rather there was a conflict of interest regarding Bobby Cooper as director of EMS.  His live in girlfriend is one of only two paid employees of the Culver EMS.    Overmyer also questioned the validity of the oversight of the Culver EMS.   Mr Cooper’s father, Bobby Cooper Sr, sits on the Advisory Board to the Culver EMS and Lynn said she had real concerns with the father, son, and girlfriend dynamic.   Jim Cleavenger, the Town Attorney, stated that the clause or conflict of interest only refers to married couples and so legally it was okay because Bobby Jr. and the girlfriend are not married.   Mr. Dilts stated, “Keep in mind that an election would be held in a few months for an EMS director and we were only talking about a very short period of time that Bobby J.r would be interim director.”

Rhonda Reinhold


One Response to “ Culver EMS Director Resigns After 19 Years ”

  1. The Green Hornet on August 29, 2012 at 10:43 pm

    Sounds like Roseland or Lake County. There is usually a reason for a sudden resignation, bet there is more to this story. Odd only one council person can see a potential conflict or liability.

    We sure would not have heard this version in the Citizen.

    Keep up the good work Rhonda and WTCA.