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DNR Warn People to Check Ice Before Going Onto It

January 24, 2012

01/25/12  With ice conditions changing day by day due to the weather, a man with a LaPorte address was very lucky to be alive. Only the awareness of a resident who lives on Clear Lake and the fast response and superb training of the LaPorte City Fire Department prevented David Rogers from becoming a statistic. Rogers was walking across Clear Lake when he stepped onto ice in an area where it had not frozen hard and he fell through into approximately 8 feet of water. A person from Clear Lake Boulevard witnessed Rogers falling through and dialed 911.

Firefighters from LaPorte City were first on scene equipped with ice rescue equipment and put it to work.

The fire fighters located Rogers in the water and set up emergency equipment including a rescue sled that allows people to slide over the ice, then floats on the water. Firefighter equipped with cold water suits got into the water and attached a line to Rogers. Firefighters assisted Rogers into the sled where he was brought to


Indiana Conservation Officers want to remind anyone going onto ice to check the thickness of the ice when you go onto a new area. The ice is not the same in all areas on a lake. Several factors can cause ice to be thicker in some areas than others. Use a spud bar or an auger to make holes in the ice to check its thickness. Don’t wonder off where no one has been without checking the ice. Stay close to other people and let someone know where you are going and when you plan to return. Wear a life jacket under your coat or a flotation suit to keep you afloat if you fall through. Remember, once you are in 30 degree water, you lose your strength fast. Plan ahead and be prepared in case the worst happens.