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Drainage Board Discusses Issues

January 18, 2012

01/19/12 Tuesday morning Marshall County Surveyor Larry Fisher told members of the Drainage Board of a couple of ongoing issues.

The said the Buck Tile on Muckshaw Road near the railroad crossing, “is backing up water again.”  They have been watching it and over the last several months the water has increased by 3 feet.  Fisher explained that the drainage tile runs from the low side on the east under Muckshaw Road westerly and under a corner of the home on the west side of the road.

The surveyor would like to excavate at the back of the residential lot to see if water pressure is getting that far. Checking for an obstruction would be the first step.   If so, they can assume that there is an issue under the railroad tracks.   Fisher said if there is a problem under the railroad he would like to relocate the pipe south of the home.

Another issue is along State Road 110.  Water is backing up to the edge of the roadway.  Last fall the problem has been determined to be a collapsed private drain on the Ersay property is causing the problem.  Ersay hired a contractor who jetted the tile and found a couple of places where there were issues.  This has been a problem for a couple of years and Fisher said, “We’ve reached the end of the rope.”

The county has informally tried to get the property owner to correct the problem with no action.  They are going to put him on notice and indicate that they haven’t followed through on correcting the problem.  The Drainage Board will ask them to appear at the February meeting and show cause as to why they (the County) shouldn’t take action against them.   The drainage Board will also notify neighbor who are affected by the water.

The final issue is in Tall Oaks Estates.  There has been an ongoing problem with water after a rain that was on the roadway and in the yards on Candy Lane.  Fisher knows that the drain tile that runs to the south and under State Road 17 needs to be replaced.  The problem is that the state is responsible to pay for the cost of the tile under their road.  Fisher said he has gotten the run around and hasn’t heard back from INDOT since November.  Commissioner Overmyer said he would contact the State Highway and try to get the lines of communication open on the project.