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Dreaming of a White Christmas? INDOT is Working Overtime

December 25, 2012

  12/26/12 Indiana Department of Transportation (INDOT) plow truck drivers are working overtime to ensure holiday travels are as safe as possible. Throughout the winter INDOT winter operations crews are regularly tasked to work through nights, weekends, and holidays and Christmas Day has been no different.

Lake effect snow fell in the LaPorte and Gary areas overnight and more than a dozen plow drivers have been on the roads clearing the way. Current forecasts predict additional snow for Northwest Indiana beginning Christmas night on Tuesday, December 25th. Crews are pre-treating bridges and roadways with salt brine, an anti-icing solution, ahead of this expected accumulation. INDOT will continue to monitor multiple developing forecasts, as well as a statewide network of road and bridge pavement sensors, to deploy the needed personnel, equipment, and materials ahead of any predicted accumulation.  INDOT’s top winter priority is to plow and treat its more than 30,000 lane miles of interstates, U.S. highways, and state routes.

Motorists planning to travel on Christmas night are advised to keep an eye on evolving weather forecasts.  INDOT encourages holiday travelers to leave early to safely reach their destinations before the snow begins. INDOT asks drivers to promote their own safety and that of others on the wintry roads:

  • ACCELERATE GRADUALLY on ice or snow to avoid slipping and sliding
  • DRIVE SLOWLY and carefully to avoid rear-end collisions and sliding on curves
  • ALLOW GREATER DISTANCE behind the car ahead; it takes more time to stop on snow and ice
  • BRAKE EARLY, break slowly, never slam on the brakes; if you have anti-lock brakes, press the pedal down firmly and hold it; if you don’t, gently pump the pedal
  • NO CRUISE CONTROL; avoid abrupt steering maneuvers
  • MAINTAIN GOOD VISIBILITY, stay alert and use your headlights so others can see you
  • GIVE SNOWPLOWS ROOM to operate; don’t tailgate or try to pass

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You can find traffic restriction information at  Contact the LaPorte District toll free at 1-855-GO-INDOT.