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Elevators in County Building Down, Assistance Available for those who can’t use Stairs

January 10, 2012

01/11/12 Problems with the elevators at the Marshall County Building were “a worst case scenario” according Director of Building and Grounds Rich Ulrich during the County Council meeting Monday.  The worst case, neither of the elevators were working causing employees and patrons to climb the stairs if their business took them to a second or third floor office.

Ulrich was at the council meeting seeking an additional appropriation to retro-fit the two original elevators.  The council was notified of the issues with the elevators in late fall and a plan was devised to fund the $144,000 project in early 2012.

Ulrich explained that they had been bombarded with issues and said, “Otis has been here every day last week and twice on Friday.”  He also said that he was caught in the elevator for nearly 30 minutes last week. Ulrich reminded the council that the equipment on the elevator is original, over 30 years and “it’s a maze of old electronics and dried out wiring.”  He also noted that since Thanksgiving he has spent and additional $5000 for repairs to the elevator.

Continued problems with the elevators, sometimes having both elevators down at the same time, forced the County Commissioners to declare an emergency in late December.  They moved the required funds necessary to get the project under way, 25% or $36,000 so the additional needed this week was $114,000. The council unanimously approved the additional.

Marshall County Commissioner Kevin Overmyer said Tuesday afternoon, “We are still experiencing elevator issues in the County Building and they are currently working on the elevators.   The office holders on the second floor put their heads together and have place a desk and an employee in the downstairs lobby.  They will assist anyone who needs to conduct business on the second of third floors and is unable to use the stairs.”  He said, “We are trying to accommodate the public the best way possible with the inconvenience we have.”

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