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Ellert Endorsed by Local We The People Organization

May 3, 2012

   05/04/12 Plymouth- Francis Ellert (R), leading candidate for state representative House District 17, was endorsed by the local We the People Group Wednesday. Francis was the only candidate in district 17 endorsed by the organization which recognized Ellert’s leadership. “I am honored to receive the endorsement of the Marshall and Fulton County We the People group,” said Ellert. “It is important to me to have the support of fellow conservatives, passionate about bettering our community, and the state of Indiana.”

“We feel that he is the strongest candidate who will support and defend Indiana Hoosier values,” said We the People President, Don Nunemaker. The Marshall and Fulton County We the People Group is a Tea Party organization made up of several hundred area residents.

   Francis Ellert is a candidate in the Republican primary election in the newly-redistricted Indiana House District 17, which includes Marshall County, northern Fulton County, and the communities of Bremen, Bourbon, Plymouth, Culver, and Rochester.


2 Responses to “ Ellert Endorsed by Local We The People Organization ”

  1. DDON on May 6, 2012 at 3:51 pm

    Mike B.
    It is easy to make charges and claims from behind a cloud of anonymity. The members of our organization are respected leaders who have served their community and their country well.

    “We The People” have as its member’s teachers, business owners, doctors and their families, retired military, veterans, active duty reservists, farmers and people who have emigrated from other nations. Our membership includes Americans with differing racial backgrounds and parents and grandparents with bi-racial children and grandchildren. And all are welcome to part of this group.

    Our guest speakers have been from both political parties, yes even Democrats who seemed to have left the meeting pleasantly surprised. Mr. Ellert has spoken to our group several times, so he has firsthand knowledge of the people you call extremists and lunatics.

    So Mike I challenge you. Do you have the courage of your convictions? If so please come and meet these people whom have disparaged at our next meeting. That meeting is May 29th, 7PM at the Plymouth Library.

    Don Nunemaker, President
    We The People of Marshall and Fulton Counties

  2. MikeB on May 3, 2012 at 9:01 pm

    Mr. Ellert would be wise to reject the endorsement of a group of extremists who border on the lunatic fringe. The majority of voters are moderate conservatives who support responsible government (including our troops and veterans), fair taxes, and good public education.