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Exercise Technique for Seniors at Miller’s

January 19, 2012

01/20/12 Stephanie Lewis of Theracre, the lead therapist at Miller’s Merry Manor in Plymouth.  She was invited to lead a discussion with residents at the Assisted Living on Tuesday afternoon, January 17.  Lewis discussed exercise guidelines for senior adults and went on to show proper technique for seated, chair exercises and use of Therabands in exercise.   The number one point Lewis stressed time and time again throughout the afternoon was that before any exercise program is started a person should see their physician first to make sure they are physically ready to start a program.  After starting a program Lewis recommended listening to your body.  If something hurts…stop doing it!  After the demonstration of exercises the program was opened up to a question and answer period.

Activity Director Cindy Flagg is looking for a volunteer who would be willing to lead an exercise class for seniors.  Anyone interested may call Miller’s Senior Living Community at 574-936-9801 and ask for Flagg.  

Pictured is Therapist Stephanie Lewis who demonstrates the proper Therabnd technique.  Lou Carr, Dottie Patzand, Mae Mikesell try it with their bands.