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Gov. Talks About Use of Computers in Classrooms

January 29, 2012

01/30/12 Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels spoke briefly on Friday on the use of computers in school classes rooms. Daniels was in Plymouth for an Editorial meeting with area media.

Responding to a question about the use of computers in the classroom and the possible affect on hampering critical thinking, Daniels said, “Nobody knows what the effect of this technology will be.” He said,”It’s how they are used for substitutions to reading, such as movies or other visuals.” He said, “Eliminate the text book and not the text.” “There is a discipline to reading.” “I think we know the discipline of reading is very important, and always will be.” he said. He added, “I don’t care how it (information) is delivered, but I do hope our young people will always be reading, and reading critically.”

Daniels said, “Children from the cradle are put in front of a screen of some type with 150 images a minute and then it’s hard to concentrate when they need to.” But he then gave examples of how teachers can use computers effectively, such as having students go to a particular text to read.

Daniels said having computers in classrooms means a savings on textbooks. He said, “My first choice was free textbooks-still think it’s a good idea.”

Speaking for the need for improving education within the state, he said he is in agreement with Republican legislators that full-day kindergarten needs to be funded.

Daniels was asked for a stance on the newly proposed creationism bill. In essence, if the bill were to be passed, Indiana schools would be given the option to include creationism viewpoints into a science curriculum.

Daniels indicated that he has not as yet taken a close look at the bill; but said he doubts that it will pass.


Carol Anders Correspondent