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Intro by Leann Senter on Her Wellness Journey at Fitness Forum

January 30, 2012

  I’m 51 years old, overweight and out of shape!  While I consider myself to be very active it is not active for me.  It really is just very busy!  With Riley in college and Megan a junior in high school I’ve been “evaluating” my life and what the next phase will be like.  So, when Sarah asked if Mark and I would be the next Wellness Journey people I was excited but cautious.  Do  I really want to go public with all this?


The answer is yes!  With a degree in physical education I know that I should be making time for exercise.  Having danced since the age of 3 and swimming since the age of 9 I still believe that these are 2 of the best lifetime activities!  As most of you know I coach swimming and teach dance.  I love working with kids and helping them find happiness and success.  It’s time to lead by example!


So, everybody hang on because it’s going to be a bumpy ride and I hope to be brutally honest with myself and you!  While I really don’t care what I weigh, I do want more energy and to feel as “young” as I think I am, haha!

Mark and I want to grow old together, be active and productive in the next phase of our lives and this is the first step.

One Response to “ Intro by Leann Senter on Her Wellness Journey at Fitness Forum ”

  1. Andrew on February 6, 2012 at 5:43 am

    I enjoy reading these updates–it is really nice that the more visible people (no pun intended) in the community are taking this seriously. It is an inspiration to a lot of less motivated people (myself included) to take health seriously and do something about it.

    Great work and keep it up.