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MAKING WAVES OpEd for October 2012

October 3, 2012

  10/03/12 When the first of October comes around, most people can be found reveling in the changes of the season, adapting to the colder weather and beginning preparations for Halloween.  That holiday is the one night of the year when children and adults alike can wear masks to become their favorite superhero; but there are those heroes who walk among us every day and they are the faces of the fight against cancer. Kanzius Cancer Research Foundation has always focused on the faces of the fight. In fact in this column, I have shared how these faces inspire us and serve as a reminder of the cause.

At you’ll find a counter that grows every 55 seconds as another American succumbs to cancer. Since 1971 nearly 24 million Americans have lost their fight and the number continues to grow. We have heard countless facts and figures about the growing ranks of cancer victims; we heard stories of some of America’s most visible figures dealing with cancer. Last month, Stand Up To Cancer brought together famous faces of the fight and just last week, Good Morning America featured Robin Roberts on the day of her bone marrow treatment. But there are more faces to this fight than those that grace our televisions. These faces are why we’ve decided to host the first ever faces2012 conference from October 26-27.

On our website, we devote a section dedicated to sharing the stories of faces of the fight. One of our biggest goals is to share as many faces and stories as possible, uniting a national community that believes in an alternative method of treatment. We invite anyone who has been touched by this disease to share their story with us under the Faces of the Fight section of our homepage at

We recently announced Scott Burton as the closing guest speaker of faces2012. Scott is a 20-year survivor of osteosarcoma (a pediatric cancer that we began researching this year) and an award-winning comedian. His inclusion will inspire and bring life to the message about living to the fullest in the midst of a cancer diagnosis. Scott is just one of the many inspiring faces and stories that we have learned about and shared in the past four years.

On October 26th, the diverse mix of Kanzius Cancer Research Foundation faces will come together to celebrate the achievements and to learn the essential basics of the Kanzius Noninvasive Radiowave Cancer Treatment. These faces are researchers and medical professionals, donors and volunteers, community leaders and elected representatives, educators, grassroots fundraisers and surviving family members, cancer patients as well as their caregivers. These believers come from all different walks of life and all are firm in their belief that John Kanzius had the answer for “a better way” to treat cancer.

When someone watches a loved one suffer from the side effects of a cancer treatment, hours seem like days… and weeks seem like years. We have those faces in mind as we make tough decisions; every day our researchers, volunteers and Foundation staff are dedicated to funding the research to a level of human trials. John’s inspiration has never diminished and we will continue to fight for him and for you! faces2012 is the culmination of the fight thus far; gathering in Erie, where it all started, to share knowledge, expertise, and passion to ignite a renewed dedication to John Kanzius’ dream of “a better way.”

MARK A. NEIDIG SR. is executive director of the Kanzius Cancer Research Foundation (